Jonny Fairplay Net Worth

Jonny Fairplay Net Worth

Jonny Fairplay Net Worth is an esteemed American reality TV personality best known for his appearances on Survivor and cunning strategies. Now he will compete against other reality TV villains for a chance at a large prize in House of Villains; sure to cause plenty of drama throughout its run!

Jonny Fairplay was born in Danville, Virginia in March 1974. After attending Virginia Polytechnic Institute he moved around before settling down in Los Angeles where he eventually had a son named Dalton whom he often shared heartwarming pictures of on social media. Jonny has appeared in various reality shows like Celebrity Newlywed Game Pawn Stars Celebrity Poker Showdown; as well as competing in Survivor: Micronesia Fans Vs Favorites as one of its 16th season contestants.

His love of showmanship led him to professional wrestling, where he has appeared for several promotions such as Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and Ring of Honor, founding New Dimension Wrestling promotion himself and participating in many notable wrestling feuds – becoming an audience favorite and renowned for his comedic comebacks.

Jonny Fairplay is known for his lively personality and dexterous gameplay, but beneath that lies a warmhearted individual with an outgoing nature. He enjoys engaging with his followers via Twitter and Instagram; especially animal enthusiasts he regularly shares posts showing their pets such as dogs or cats on his accounts.

Jonny Fairplay is both an artist and wrestler; however, his true passion lies within his family. He shares a son with former wife Michelle Deighton (from WWE Tough Enough and America’s Next Top Model fame). Unfortunately they recently divorced but remain good friends despite that; since then he has been dating Jessica Kendrick (for over two years now) with plans of getting married soon.

Jonny Fairplay has made quite an impression both as an actor and wrestler, as well as in business. He owns his own clothing line as well as several businesses within the entertainment industry. Furthermore, he has written several books which have become an inspiration to many.

Jonny Fairplay is an iconic celebrity with an immense social media following. Since stepping foot into the entertainment industry over two decades ago, he has become an irreverent star known for his lively persona and unique tactics in reality television competition. House of Villains will feature ten notorious Reality TV villains competing for a $200,000 cash prize, with him set to make an appearance. Excited at being part of this new reality show and promising plenty of drama, he promises to add much-anticipated drama as one of the world’s most controversial reality stars and fan favorites with an estimated net worth estimated at over $1 Million and serving as an inspiration and motivation to many through his life journey.

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