Jonathan Daniel Brown Net Worth

Jonathan Daniel Brown Net Worth

Jonathan Daniel Brown is a versatile individual with the talent and skill set needed to act, write and produce films. An established name within the industry for some time now, his talents and hard work have seen his net worth reach $1.7 Million.

Jonathan Daniel Brown was born in Tarzana, California on 6 July 1989 to Jeffrey and Ellen Brown; he has one sister named Emily Brown and one other sibling who are White Caucasians; their nationality is American; they remain single as of yet without disclosing any past relationships.

Brown began his acting career and has appeared in multiple movies and TV shows. He is best-known for his role as JB in Project X teen drama series as well as Nate Norman in Kid Cannabis film. Nominated for several awards and highly sought after as an actor.

“Kid Cannabis” tells the true tale of a high school dropout who becomes an influential drug lord after beginning to transport marijuana across Idaho’s border, featuring actors Jonathan Daniel Brown, Kellan Lutz and Nina Dobrev under director John Stockwell’s direction based on a Rolling Stone article.

Heartwarming film that reminds us the power of true friendship. Jonathan and Daniel demonstrated the value of true friendship during their journey together, always standing by each other through thick and thin. Their support served as a source of strength and inspiration to one another; encouraging each other to pursue their dreams without giving up, teaching us all that friends provide guidance through life’s many obstacles and journeys.

This film is an absolute must for movie enthusiasts of all kinds, as its captivating story and stellar acting from all involved make for an enjoyable viewing experience. Bring along family or friends for this hilarious cinematic treat that is guaranteed to leave them laughing out loud!

Jonathan Daniel Brown (Project X, Bad Milo) stars as Jonathan Norman – a multimillion-dollar pot smuggling operation led by Topher (Kenny Wormald). Brown and his crew of thugs earn huge profits smuggling cannabis from Canada into Idaho.

Milo, which will be shooting in Toronto starting September, will reunite them once more for another film project, this time as horror comedy Milo. Yancy Butler of Kick-Ass fame will reprise her role of Angie D’Amico – mother to Chris D’Amico played by Ken Marino – while Gillian Jacobs and Peter Stormare co-star in Milo.

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