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Jon Oliva, born John Nicholas Oliva in the Bronx, is an American musician, singer and multi-instrumentalist best known as one of the founders of progressive metal band Savatage as well as co-creating classical-meets-rock act Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Oliva continued with Savatage following Criss’ death; his 1994 album A Handful of Rain brought in Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick as well, helping ensure its continuation.

Early Life and Education

Jon Oliva is a highly-recognized musician. He gained notoriety as co-founder, keyboardist, and lead vocalist of Savatage as well as co-founding Trans-Siberian Orchestra along with younger brother Criss Oliva; this group became famed for their pyrotechnic shows as well as rock music that combined classical influences.

Oliva is an accomplished musician, playing piano, guitar, drums and bass among other instruments. Additionally, he founded and is chief composer for Savatage band as well as being one of their premiere performers and singers. Oliva is widely considered one of the best in his field.

Jon was in need of employment after being expelled from high school, so he responded to an advertisement in a local music paper looking for musicians. Metropolis became his band, covering songs by Bad Company and Alice Cooper among others.

Professional Career

Jon Oliva is best known as co-founder and lead vocalist of Savatage with brother Criss; as well as one of the masterminds behind Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

His most notable work includes providing keyboards and orchestrations for Savatage’s Hall of the Mountain King and serving as the primary writer for The Theatre Society Orchestra until Paul O’Neill died in 2021.

Jon Oliva revived Savatage with Zak Rizvi and Chris Caffery in 2007. They performed Streets: A Rock Opera at both ProgPower USA and ProgPower Europe festivals that year, performing their classic album Streets: A Rock Opera live. Since then, Jon’s been busy with Jon Oliva’s Pain; recently releasing its fourth album Festival featuring intricate progressive sounds with dark undertones.

Achievement and Honors

Jon Oliva stands out as a master in heavy metal music. His legendary performances with Savatage and Trans-Siberian Orchestra have won him recognition as one of America’s premier vocalists.

After the release of Streets, Oliva and Criss parted ways. Jon found regular work while continuing to practice with Criss at “The Pit”. At some point during this period he met Steve Wacholz who heard their band play at a nearby high school and was inspired to audition. Steve eventually was accepted into their group.

Following a brief hiatus, Tower and Alien joined together to form Avatar. Following Criss’ death, Jon stepped aside as lead vocalist but continued co-writing material for new singer Zak Stevens.

Personal Life

Jon Oliva is an American composer, multi-instrumentalist and singer best known as co-creator and keyboardist of Savatage band as well as co-creator of classical-meets-prog rock and pyro act Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Oliva was born and raised in New York City and began playing drums as a teenager. Following graduation, he joined Metropolis – an area band which performed across Florida bars and clubs – as a drummer.

Later, Jon joined Criss in creating the rock band Avatar and became an object of envy among Tampa bands due to their amazing equipment. Jon later went on to play in Alien Tower Avatar 2.0 before its demise and co-authored Broadway-bound musical Romanov with Paul O’Neill.

Net Worth

Jon Oliva is an American composer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer best known as co-founder, keyboardist and vocalist for progressive metal band Savatage alongside Criss Oliva (his younger brother). Additionally he founded and lead vocalist of TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA for which producer Paul O’Neill often refers to Jon as one of “the single greatest vocalist/musicians I have ever worked with”.

Jon began his musical journey as a child, playing drums for various local bands as well as bands his father formed. He quickly proved his musical prowess, practicing for hours each day before school began.

After graduating high school, he joined Metropolis, playing Bad Company and Alice Cooper covers at bars and clubs across Florida. It provided his first experience touring with music.

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