Johnny Netz Net Worth

Jonny Netz Net Worth – How Much Is Johni Broome Worth?

Jonny Netz, 19, has received much acclaim recently for his business venture: Zadart Exotic Car Rentals. Launched as an undergrad at Leavey School of Business while still in high school, his Bellevue storefront rents out luxury, exotic and supercars from their fleet.

Netz began his company out of their home with a BMW lease car as its initial investment and to recover his initial costs he charged $300 per day for renting out its use.

Johni Broome’s net worth has been estimated by Wiklogy at between $250K-$500K. Read this article to gain more insight into Johni Broome’s family, net worth, children, height, girlfriend, parents and college details as well as career highlights and achievements. Please share this article with friends to spread awareness!

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