John Whitesell Net Worth

John Whitesell Net Worth

If you are familiar with ABC TV series “Once Upon a Time,” chances are John Whitesell should be familiar to you. First gaining notoriety as Hercules in “Once Upon a Time”, John has since solidified himself as one of Hollywood’s premier actors and directors – delighting fans and critics with his incredible acting skills while becoming one of Hollywood’s respected names in his field.

Whitesell, as co-CEO of talent agency WME and an estimated worth of $440 Million, represents some of Hollywood’s biggest stars such as Matt Damon, Jude Law, Tina Fey, Hugh Jackman, Kate Hudson Amy Poehler and Jake Gyllenhaal among many others. Additionally he represents singers musicians and comedians such as Adele Conan O’Brien Nick Kroll Hasan Minhaj among many more.

Agent Marc Cooper is known for his astute business acumen and ability to recognize potential stars, beginning his career in InterTalent’s mailroom before rising through CAA’s talent department and eventually heading it himself. Later that same year, in 2001, he joined Endeavor Talent Agency where he played an instrumental role in their merger with William Morris that ultimately resulted in WME being formed.

Whitesell has enjoyed success both as a talent agent and real estate investor. Together with Lauren Sanchez – now dating Amazon founder Jeff Bezos – they own a luxurious home in Beverly Hills featuring five bedrooms, 13 bathrooms and an expansive backyard complete with swimming pool and olive tree-lined driveway. In addition, the couple own a vacant lot nearby their property for expansion purposes.

Whitesell is not only an accomplished talent agent; he’s an avid reader who appreciates various forms of artistic expression – painting and writing being his primary forms – as well as hiking adventures that help him connect with nature while leaving entertainment at bay.

Whitesell enjoys spending his free time with family and friends, especially his four-legged companions! An animal enthusiast, Whitesell particularly adores dogs. An active philanthropist supporting various charitable organizations. Whitesell is passionate about music; listening to new tracks from favorite artists while working to perfect his craft is his motivation – hoping to leave his mark in the industry and achieve his goals is something we wish him good luck in doing!

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