John Rich Twitter

One of the most controversial topics on the Big & Rich singer’s Twitter account is the controversy over his decision to use Colin Kaepernick as their brand ambassador. The NFL player became a polarizing figure last year, sparking a movement to kneel during the National Anthem during football games. The controversy also came to light due to his controversial pig-themed Nike socks. In response to the controversy, Rich cut the Nike swoosh off his socks, declaring that he supports the right to protest. Rich has since switched to Reebok, another brand that is not affiliated with Nike.

On Tuesday, John Rich shared some sad news on Twitter. His grandmother, who was known as “Granny Rich,” passed away. She was 88 years old and inspired the singer’s whiskey line. In fact, she had suffered a stroke just one month before her death. The singer’s heartbreaking tweets came at a time when Nike was rolling out their new ad campaign, which starred Colin Kaepernick.

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