John Getz Net Worth

John Getz Net Worth

John Getz net worth is a well-known American actor best known for his roles in films like Blood Simple, The Fly and The Social Network. Born 15 October 1946 in Davenport Iowa and raised in Mississippi River Valley with three siblings, he studied at University of Iowa and American Conservatory Theater before going on to appear on many television series including MacGruder & Loud, Maggie Briggs Ghosted Another World Killer Bees among many more. Hannah Getz was his daughter named after Grace McKeaney a play writer whom he married as Grace McKeaney is married Grace McKeaney an actress/play writer/writing artist/theater creator Grace McKeaney who wrote another play for TV titled Ghosted Another World Killer Bees

Getz began his acting career in 1974 with a role in The Happy Hooker directed by director David Fincher and went on to appear in several more roles before landing director David Fincher’s film Zodiac as one of its stars. Since then, Getz has made numerous other appearances in movies such as 1986 film The Fly and 1990 film The Dead Pool as well as 1992 drama Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead (Dont Tell Mom the Babysitter Is Dead) and 1991 comedy Curly Sue (1992 drama Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter Is Dead) among others. 1994 found Getz playing Franklin Hewitt (Finances of War) while in 1994 Playmaker (Ed). Other performances can be seen in 1996 film Mojave Moon and 1997 crime drama Painted Hero; A Day Without Mexican (LIVING ‘Til End’s End’s End’s End’s End’s End and Nanking).

His career includes appearances on many tvshows such as MacGruder and Loud (1985-1987), Ghosted (1987), Another World (1989), Killer Bees (1994-98) as Mr. Kirkland as well as numerous films like A Pa ssion to Kill, Mojave Moon, Ned and Stacey (1999-2000) as well as multiple drama series such as Maggie Briggs Rafferty Maggie Mariah among many more.

Getz is not only an exceptional actor but is also an accomplished musician, having performed around North America and Canada on stage and writing and producing music himself. Additionally, Getz has painted numerous portraits and landscapes – both portrait and landscape paintings were completed under his tutelage at University of Iowa where he received a Master’s in Art degree.

Getz’s family is comprised of two daughters and one son. He is an extremely devoted father and takes great pleasure in spending time with them; he enjoys reading, hiking, playing sports and following a healthy lifestyle with an optimal diet – an all-round nice guy adored by fans across the world; an inspiration to those seeking their dreams in life, we wish him nothing but the best for the future; hopefully we’ll see him soon enough.

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