John Dehner Net Worth

John Dehner Net Worth

John Dehner was an immensely popular radio, television and film actor known for his comic villain roles. Between 1941 and 1988 he made appearances in over 260 films and TV shows; born on November 23rd 1915 in Staten Island he died February 4th 1992 at his residence in Santa Barbara California.

Dehner began his career at Disney Studios as an animator before transitioning into being a disc jockey and professional pianist – all while serving in World War II military service.

In the 1950s, he continued his prolific theatrical film work; appearing in over sixy films released during that decade (63 in all, with over fifty-three Westerns alone). Receiving critical acclaim for his supporting role as cavalry officer Major Seth Bradner in 1956 RKO production Tension at Table Rock; it was though, his leading part as Dr. Revolt at Fort Laramie by Columbia that cemented him as one of Hollywood’s hardworking character actors.

“He became well known for playing an array of characters across numerous films, often cast against type as outlaw leaders, corrupt bankers or saloon owners in Westerns and adventure movies. Additionally, he would guest star in several television series such as Jack Palance’s circus drama The Greatest Show on Earth as well as Glynis on CBS as an dishonest traveling patent medicine salesman; additionally he regularly appeared as Morgan Starr on The Virginian series.”

Dehner spent his later years producing and directing movies. He developed an affinity for Westerns in particular and participated in multiple made-for-television films as well as low budget independents as both producer and actor. Furthermore, Dehner served as director on two televised miniseries such as War and Remembrance and The Great Escape which have proven immensely popular with audiences worldwide.

Dehner had battled diabetes and other health issues during the early 1990s, which eventually resulted in his death at age 76 in Santa Barbara. He left behind his wife Evelyn and two children as well as donations made in his honor by several former colleagues whose projects he participated in – who have all spoken highly of him for being kind, humble and generous in giving their best effort toward every project undertaken by him.

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