John Chaney Net Worth

John Chaney Net Worth

John Chaney was a globally renowned personality who left an enormous mark on many lives through hard work and perseverance. In addition, he did extensive charity work for others who needed it; earning both goodwill and respect along the way; thus becoming an example to young people around him.

Early and Sylvester Chaney of Jacksonville, Florida had seven children that they struggled to provide for, with his mother working domestic work and his stepfather working shipyards. When Chaney turned 14, his family relocated to Philadelphia as an attempt to escape poverty and find greater opportunities.

Chaney had an intense passion for basketball despite his family’s financial challenges, playing on local pickup street teams before excelling at Benjamin Franklin High School and then Wagner College where he competed both basketball and track and field. Later he would coach professional teams like Sunbury Mercury of the Eastern Professional Basketball League before eventually being hired by Williamsport Billies of Eastern Professional Basketball League as their head coach.

At Temple, he became the first black basketball coach in Philadelphia’s “Big Five” (Temple, Penn, Villanova, St. Joseph’s and La Salle). In an astounding career that spanned four decades and saw 769 wins including his inaugural year’s loss; matchup zone defense was his forte which kept his teams among the nation’s premier defensive units for years.

Chaney had an exceptional business career beyond coaching. In 1971 he established TeleCheck, a credit-card processing firm. Later that same year he sold it to First Data Corporation and worked as its Group President from 1992-1999 before shifting his focus toward venture capital investing and serving on various boards including Equifax’s.

Chaney has three children of his own; two sons are professional athletes. Involved with various charitable organizations and public speaking engagements. Chaney supports youth sports programs as well as holding numerous awards and accolades to his name. Chaney was honored to establish the NBA Hall of Fame, which he received recognition from. Beyond basketball, he is also an accomplished artist and photographer whose photographs have been featured at several art galleries as well as written about in books dedicated to photography. Chaney is also an accomplished golfer. He has competed in multiple tournaments and earned several trophies and medals; additionally, he was featured on the cover of a golf magazine! In his free time he enjoys traveling to new countries as well as spending quality time with family. Chaney is known to put family first; with an exceptional work ethic to match.

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