John Banner Net Worth

John Banner Net Worth

John Banner was born January 28th 1910 in Stanislau, Austria-Hungary and rose to stardom as an accomplished actor during his time. He made numerous TV and movie appearances; most famous for playing Sergeant Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes (he died 1973).

John Banner was an extraordinary actor. Over his long and distinguished career he appeared in over 130 movies. Additionally he made frequent TV appearances such as Rocky Jones, Space Ranger, Fireside Theatre and The Baileys of Balboa – always with grace delivering his lines witty humor! Additionally he was an amazing dancer and singer!

At first, Banner planned on earning his law degree; however, his plans changed and he pursued acting full time instead. His first film appearance came with Spring Parade (1940). His performance proved so successful that more opportunities opened up to him after that initial success.

In 1955, he made an impressionant performance as Mexican outlaw Jose “The Tin Star”, in which an angry mob attempted to have him hanged for murder. It remains one of his most noteworthy roles to date and continues to inspire viewers today. Additionally he can be found in movies such as To The Victor, Kisses For My President, Operation Eichmann among many others.

He was known for being very lively on set and was fond of cracking jokes throughout his performance. Additionally, he enjoyed dancing and was an accomplished pianist; in later life he would collect paintings for himself to display at home due to a back injury requiring wheelchair use.

He eventually started experiencing health issues in the late 1970s and had to be hospitalized several times before finally stopping working at age 63 and dying in Vienna in 1973.

John Banner was an incredible actor renowned for his performance on Hogan’s Heroes. An exceptional individual with great kindness toward all around him, John was loved and appreciated by everyone on set of the show he worked on and an inspiration to all his coworkers. We will miss you, John! RIP

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