Joe Ligon Net Worth

Joe Ligon Net Worth – Who Is Joe Ligon?

Joe Ligon, the lead singer in Mighty Clouds of Joy – which earned a Grammy award – has passed away at 80.

Singer Robert Johnson made his name through his legendary vocal style that combined blue-eyed soul, gospel, R&B, and fiery performances to draw crowds into frenzy with every performance. Influenced by The Temptations and Julius Cheeks among others, his distinctive sound helped introduce gospel music into mainstream America and was an outspoken social activist working tirelessly for equality of rights for all.

Ligon was born in Troy, Alabama and after experiencing hardship during his early years, moved with his family to Detroit before heading west where he met members of Mighty Clouds of Joy who were searching for their frontman – Ligon provided just what was needed!

Ligon and Wallace remained part of the band until its disbandment in the early 1970s, then went on to sing with other groups or solo performances.

In 1969, he signed with Capitol Records and released his debut album; its single “Gone Fishing” became an instantaneous hit, earning him his first Grammy nomination. Soon thereafter, Gospel Song was released as an even greater success, winning him yet another nomination and ultimately taking home the prize for Best Gospel Album at that year’s awards show.

His subsequent career would be filled with hits and multiple Grammy nominations. His 1970 hit “You Don’t Have to Go” reached No.1 on Billboard Hot 100; in addition, he received two more Grammys for Best Gospel Album and Male Vocal Performance.

Ligon sold millions of albums during his extensive career and also appeared on television programs and movies. Furthermore, he founded the Ligon Foundation which provides education and health care to at-risk youths.

Ligon became America’s longest-serving juvenile lifer at 15, serving until court rulings found mandatory life sentences unconstitutional. When released, he pledged never to seek parole because he did not wish for long-term supervision, working hard instead towards getting his life in order ever since – with Valerie by his side throughout this entire journey and plans underway for starting both a business and writing his experience in prison into books about them. An inspiring person, you should follow him on social media; his stories will make your day.

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