Joe Kenda Net Worth

Joe Kenda Net Worth

Besides Joe Kenda’s career, he is also famous for his social media presence. In fact, he has a social media account with more than 2.8 million followers. He posts photos and videos from his family and friends as well as quotes. It is a great example of how to establish a presence on social media, and it also helps you to grow your network.


Currently, the family of Joe Kenda is settled in Suffolk, Virginia. Kenda and his wife have two children, Kris and Dan. One of the kids is a US Air Force major and the other is a retired US Navy commander.

Joe Kenda was born in Herminie, Pennsylvania, in 1946. He attended Greensburg Central Catholic High School and the University of Pittsburgh. He graduated with a degree in political science. He went on to work for the Colorado Springs Police Department for 19 years. He also served as a special needs school bus operator for 10 years. He was promoted to the homicide unit in 1978.

Kenda started to feel uncomfortable with his job in the early 1990s. He decided to leave his job after finding out that the conditions weren’t that good. He had a 92 percent closure rate on 356 homicide cases he solved. He also graduated with a master’s degree in international relations.


Throughout his career as a police detective, Joe Kenda has solved more than 330 homicide cases. He has investigated 387 cases in his 23 years with the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Kenda started his career in 1975, when he was recruited to join the Colorado Springs Police Department. His first case was solved within a few days, and he was promoted to the homicide unit later on.

Kenda has a passion for crime and murder, and was fascinated by his job. He earned a Master’s degree in international relations from Ohio State University in 1970. He also worked as a bus operator for a special needs school. He was also involved in his father’s trucking business.

In 1996, Kenda retired from the police department. In the meantime, he was asked to appear in the ‘Homicide Hunter’ series, which was on the Investigation Discovery Channel. He agreed, but his wife warned him that he would be murdered on the job.

Social media presence

During his career as a homicide detective, Kenda solved 356 homicides. His team also had a ninety-two percent closure rate.

During his twenty-seven years with the Colorado Springs Police Department, Kenda investigated over 400 murders. His show “Homicide Hunter” is based on some of those cases. He also trades in his own case files to bring viewers investigations from across the country.

In addition to his show, Kenda has three documentaries in the works. These include the documentary “Homicide Hunter: Never Give Up,” and “The Last Murder.”

He also gets free rides in police cars after speaking engagements. Kenda admits he likes to do things the right way, and that episodic TV can be oversimplified. He’s looking forward to another top-secret project with Investigation Discovery.

He’s also a self-professed crime fanatic. Kenda says he’s fascinated by murder since he was young. He was also inspired by a sign that says the most dangerous animal on Earth.


During his twenty-three years as a police detective, Joe Patrick Kenda solved 387 homicide cases. The most common triggers for homicide are rage, revenge, lust, fear, and money.

Kenda was born in Pittsburgh, PA, on November 14, 1946. He graduated from Greenburg Central Catholic High School in 1967 and earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in international relations from Ohio State University in 1970.

Kenda served as a detective for the Colorado Springs Police Department for twenty years. He retired in 1996. In the nine seasons of the show Homicide Hunter, Kenda worked 356 homicide cases, solving 92% of them.

In the show, Kenda reopens the “murder books” that are the most disturbing murder cases. He explains the three main motives of homicide and explains the killer triggers. The show has received many nominations for Best Documentary Series and has made Kenda a household name among viewers.

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