Jessica Lynch Net Worth

Jessica Lynch Net Worth – A Look at Jessica Lynch’s Life

Private First Class Jessica Lynch became a national hero in April 2003 when her unit was ambushed in Iraq, killing eleven soldiers and severely injuring Jessica herself. US special operations forces later came to rescue her, and ever since then she has been an outspoken advocate for veterans; speaking at various gatherings around the country about her experiences to motivate and encourage fellow veterans during even the toughest of times in their lives.

She also teaches high school, giving her access to young people at an age when life can sometimes feel daunting and discouraging. As a role model for her students, her goal is helping them believe in themselves so they can achieve their dreams.

Her journey started in Palestine, West Virginia where she was raised by her mother and grandmother. Unable to afford college fees herself, she decided to enlist in the Army in late spring 2001 shortly after Sept 11 terrorist attacks as an act of service and help ease financial strain on both herself and her parents. A recruiter visited their home late spring 2001; soon thereafter she signed up and was sent off to Fort Jackson, South Carolina for basic training.

She deployed to Iraq as a supply specialist with the 507th Maintenance Company in March 2003 and her convoy was attacked near Nasiriyah, leading to injuries and capture. When her rescue by US special operation forces took place a month later, it garnered considerable media coverage and became the first successful recovery of an American POW since World War II.

Even though she was injured, Lynch managed to remain composed during her nine days captive. She attributes this success to the strength and support she received from both her unit and family back home; additionally she credits staying positive as being key.

Retired soldier Donna Davis lives in Palestine with her daughter Dakota Ann – named in memory of Pfc. Lori Ann Piestewa who died during an ambush attack in 2003 – who she calls Lori for short. Dakota, 14, remains shy but polite, often accompanying her mother when giving speeches and traveling outside their small town to experience life outside.

Although Lynch no longer plans on returning to military service, she continues to contribute her skills as a motivational speaker and author. She is currently writing her second book which will focus on leadership; ultimately she has demonstrated how perseverance and positivity can help overcome even life’s biggest obstacles; this inspiring example has inspired me and many others! I wish her the best in all her future endeavours!

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