Jerry Savelle Net Worth

Jerry Savelle Net Worth – A Man of Faith

Jerry Savelle is an esteemed religious leader known for preaching Christianity and spreading love around the globe through it. Additionally, he is known for being an accomplished motivational speaker and authoring several books. With followers spread across multiple countries worldwide and offices located all around the globe – Jerry Savelle Ministries International boasts of over 50 offices worldwide!

He is a man of deep faith who deeply adheres to it. His mission is spreading God’s message while encouraging people to work hard towards their dreams and live a prosperous life – his teachings having helped many achieve their goals through hard work. Additionally, through various business ventures and investments he has amassed an impressive fortune.

Jerry boasts a huge following on social media platforms where he interacts with his fans and followers, serving as an inspirational figure to many and motivating people to follow their dreams and believe in themselves. His dedication is clear through the successes he has accomplished throughout his career.

After spending his career as an auto repairman, Jerry Savelle began pursuing his ultimate goal in 1969 – founding Jerry Savelle Ministries International which now has branches throughout North America, Australia, and Britain. Since that time he has preached at over 3000 churches while becoming a highly acclaimed Christian author with a huge following on YouTube where he offers motivation, preaches sermons, and guides Christians during trying times.

Jerry Creech has been married to Carolyn Creech since 1965 and are proud parents to two daughters: Terri Savelle Foy and Jerriann Newton, as well as one grandchild Kassidi Cherie Foy. Together they reside in Crowley, Louisiana.

Religious leader Rev. Dr. Francis Chan has an estimated net worth of $5 Million, is an accomplished author having written over 70 books, hosts several television shows and conferences worldwide and offers audio recordings that aim to assist others improve their lives and find success.

His books provide immense inspiration to millions around the globe. Additionally, his products such as DVDs and CDs have an immense market reach; moreover he boasts an expansive social media presence with thousands of dedicated followers on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Jerry Wallace and Attie Snow raised him with love and care in Vicksburg, Mississippi in the United States of America. At a height of 5ft 9 in, (approximately 1.75 meters). His father owned an automotive business so he grew up surrounded by cars and race tracks; while his mother taught him the value of hard work. As an adult he worked as an auto repairman for several years before venturing off on his own and dedicating his life to Christ in February 1969 and travelling extensively thereafter to educate and motivate individuals.

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