Jeremy Maclin Net Worth

Jeremy Maclin Net Worth

Jeremy Maclin, born May 11 1988 in Chesterfield, Missouri is an American football wide receiver who currently plays for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League (NFL). At Kirkwood High School in Kirkwood Missouri where he attended both basketball and football teams – excelling at both sports but particularly standing out on football as a standout with honors and awards being bestowed upon him for his achievements during high school years.

Maclin graduated college football at Missouri, earning two-time All-America honors before being drafted by Philadelphia Eagles in the first round of 2009 NFL Draft. He spent six seasons there before moving onto Kansas City Chiefs (2015-16) and Baltimore Ravens (2017) where his total yardage reached over 6,835 with 49 touchdown catches during his tenure with each.

Maclin has found great success both inside and outside the NFL. Through his hard work and dedication to football, he has amassed an impressive financial portfolio and continues to add new ventures and properties into it as his assets increase over time.

Maclin’s NFL career has given him the chance to work alongside various quarterbacks, such as Michael Vick. Maclin credited Vick with helping him hone his craft during his rookie year with Philadelphia Eagles. Maclin earned several NFL awards and recognition over time for his stellar play on the field.

Maclin, since retiring from the NFL, has focused on his family and businesses. He owns several properties across the U.S. as investments as well as participating in charitable efforts. Maclin has spoken openly about his decision to leave football, thanking teammates and coaches alike for all they’ve taught him over time.

Maclin has been very conservative with his finances despite his financial success, adhering to a strict budget and spending his money only on things that increase its value. He makes sure to spend as much time with his children even while out for professional football – this has helped maintain healthy relationships between him and his wife and kids, serving as an example to other parents seeking to raise happy and well-adjusted offspring.

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