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Jenna Marrs’ Husband – Dave Marrs

Jenny Marrs is a successful reality TV star. She is the mother of two and the host of the popular show Fixer To Fabulous. Her show featured the renovation and restoration of old homes in a fun and entertaining manner. Her wholesome, strong character made viewers feel closer to her. She is 42 years old and was born in Northwest Arkansas.

Dave Marrs

According to the Wikipedia page of the couple, Dave and Jenny Marrs have been married since 2005. The couple has five children. Two of them were born in the United States, and one was adopted from the DPR Congo. The other three were adopted from other countries. Their children are named Nathan, Ben, and Luke.

Jenny Marrs is an outstanding fashion designer, a skilled blogger, and an active supporter of social causes. She gained fame after starring in a TV show called “Fixer to Fabulous.” The show focuses on renovating old houses in an entertaining manner. Her husband, Dave, is also a commentator on the show. She has a massive Instagram following.

According to the HGTV wiki, the Marrs have a brother named Matt. Matt went to Kiowa Undivided High School. He is married to Karey Ross Marrs, and they live in Bentonville, Arkansas. The couple also has a niece. The Marrs family has a lot of love for their kids. They are proud of their parents, and they often share their gratitude for their parents.

Jenny Marrs

The Wikipedia biography of Jenny Marrs does not mention anything about her past. However, the actress and television personality is the mother of five children. She married her husband Dave Marrs in 2005. They met in college, both were employed by the same company, but were in different states. After meeting, they began dating and later got married. They have five children – Ben, Luke, Nathan, Charlott, and Sylvie. All of their children were adopted.

Jenny Marrs has an impressive resume of achievements and is a talented personality. She is an entrepreneur and an advocate of social causes. She has worked as a model, a television personality, an interior designer, and a writer. She is a talented person who has achieved success at a very early age.

Jenny Marrs has several sources of income and has an estimated net worth of USD two million. She also has a small side business and is active on social media, where she promotes social causes.

Her husband

If you’ve been wondering about Jenna Marrs’ husband, you’ve come to the right place. She married a man named Dave Marrs in 2005. They had previously lived in Florida and Colorado. The couple has two children. According to her wiki page, Dave is a general contractor and has been in business since 2004. While he has had limited success in his business, his wife Jenny has helped him become successful.

The construction firm she is a part of is called Marrs Developing. She has blonde hair and brown eyes. She’s a 32B bra size. Her measurements are 32-25-35. Dave Marrs’ wife is also a 32B bra size. She has not publicly disclosed her salary. Her net worth is estimated at $2 million.

The couple recently adopted a daughter from the Dominican Republic. Jenny and Dave have three other children together and a fifth on the way. The couple recently told a magazine about their adoption story. They said it was a similar experience to adopting their bio children. Jenny and Dave have been transforming lives in both Africa and Arkansas.

Her net worth

Jenny Marrs is an American blogger and fashion designer. Born on January 24, 1979, she is 43 years old. Her parents are both Christians and raised her in Florida. She completed her elementary, secondary, and college education. She has been a voice for environmental issues and blogs regularly about her experiences.

Jenny is also a mother and housewife. She has struggled with infertility. In her early years, she was unable to conceive and the couple ended up adopting five children. Her family is very close to her. Her mother and father are both Christian, and she maintains a close relationship with them. Her parents are Steve and Joan Smith. In 2004, Jenny and her husband started their business.

Jenny and her husband, Dave Marrs, met while working at the same company, but in different branches. The couple married on April 2, 2005. They have five children, including twin boys, Ben and Luke.

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