Jenny 90 Day Fiance Net Worth

What is Jenny Slatten’s 90 Day Fiance Net Worth?

The show 90 Day Fiance follows couples applying or who have already received a K-1 visa – only available to foreign fiances of American citizens – while many are in good financial standing, others face difficulties financially.

Some stars who have appeared on the show are known for lavishly spending large sums to impress their partners and make their marriage appear more exciting on camera, while others struggle with finances and need assistance from fans in order to survive.

Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh have been facing significant financial difficulty, ever since appearing on reality show TLC’s I Am India. Jenny quit her job and moved abroad, depending on TLC paychecks, which are said to range between $1,500-$2,000 each week; additionally she sells personalized videos through Cameo at $75 each time.

While details about Jenny’s career or educational background remain scarce, it’s possible that she completed high school before moving on to pursue post-secondary degrees. At 5ft 7 inches and aged 66 years old she made numerous appearances on TLC’s reality series 90 Day Fiance as well as its spinoffs such as TOW Strikes Back! and Pillow Talk.

Albuquerque native and licensed massage therapist Tiffany Anderson currently stars on the hit reality series 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? and is featured frequently in its spinoffs. In her personal YouTube channel she posts videos featuring herself cooking, cleaning and caring for her dogs – making a profit in this venture as well.

She maintains both social media channels as well as her website that features recipes and health advice, while she and her husband are working on a book deal due for release in 2022.

Jenny is best known for her acting work; however, she also hosts the Jenny and Sumit Show podcast that covers topics related to life with husband Sumit and has gained an immense following on social media with over 292k followers on Instagram alone! Since 2021, she has been active on Instagram posting photos and videos frequently. Additionally, Twitter and Facebook platforms are regularly utilized by her husband; together they boast over 13,000 followers each on Instagram alone! He maintains a YouTube account with over 3,000 subscribers and is an active photographer since 2022, regularly uploading video content for both personal and professional work purposes on this platform.

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