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The Jennifer Lopez Shade of Mariah Carey Gif

The ‘Jennifer Lopez Shade of Mariah Carey’ gif was a hit among social media users, and has since become a popular meme and gif. Carey even got in on the joke, holding up a paddle that said the phrase. Although Lopez is frequently quoted as saying the two women know each other, Carey recently denied that they are friends. In a Pitchfork interview, Carey explained what the shade of Carey meant.

shady jennifer lopez gif

The shady Jennifer Lopez gif is one of the most popular memes of all time. In it, the star says, “I don’t know her.” And while this statement may sound like a subtle insult, it’s actually the best way to put it.

Before becoming a pop diva, Jennifer Lopez was a talented actress. She got her start as a dancer, and made her mark on the film industry with her role in Selena in the late ’90s. The role earned Lopez a Golden Globe nomination. Since then, she’s appeared in a few major movies. And although she’s turned down a few projects, she’s still managed to get some big roles, including the 2002 erotic thriller Unfaithful.

sexism in music

Throughout her career, Jennifer Lopez has been vocal about her feelings about sexism in music and her personal life. She has also used her music videos to express these views. In the music video for “Happier,” Lopez plays several different characters that each are expected to take care of their male counterparts. This video focuses on women’s plight in male-dominated workplaces.

The video is a disgrace to feminism in the music industry and promotes the exploitation of women in music videos. The video objectifies men in speedos, yachts, and cars, and objectifies women in plunging necklines, white leotards, and booty shorts. The song’s lyrics are straightforward and catchy, and people will inevitably absorb the message.

rumors of feud with Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey recently addressed rumors of a feud with Jennifer Lopez. In her new memoir, the singer shades Lopez for sampling the track ‘Firecracker’ by Yellow Magic Orchestra. The sample was used by Jennifer Lopez for her 2001 single ‘I’m Real,’ which featured rapper Ja Rule. However, Lopez denies the allegations and says her song isn’t influenced by the duo’s feud.

Though Mariah Carey has publicly said that she and Jennifer Lopez are not “friends,” the two are far from being enemies. In the past, the two have spoken about their friendship, but have been wary of the media’s misunderstandings. They are both successful, beloved artists who are still admired by fans the world over.

Mariah Carey’s recent divorce from producer Tommy Mottola has been the center of rumors regarding Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez’s feud. The two were once on good terms, but then Mariah Carey reportedly plotted to destroy Lopez’s career after they got married. However, the couple did not reconcile, and the two are now rumored to be at war again.

Mariah Carey’s book and Lopez’s new Vegas residency were both widely circulated. However, Lopez did not mention Mariah Carey in her book. The diva’s response to the rumor was deemed blunt and set off a firestorm.

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