Jenna Love

Jenna Love – A Unique Valentine’s Day Gift

Jenna Love has a degree in speech communications from Lipscomb University and has worked in the book publishing industry most of her career. She believes in integrating holistic therapies into a person’s health and wellness plan. She practices Reiki and incorporates mindfulness practices into her daily routine. She also enjoys using the written word to inspire others. She currently works as a freelance editor for top publishing companies.


If you’re looking for a unique gift to give on Valentine’s Day, Jenna Love t-shirts are an excellent option. Designed by independent artists, these t-shirts are available in a range of sizes from small to extra-large. The shirts are cut for a loose fit and can be worn with a variety of outfits, from sneakers to distressed denim.

daily yoga practices

Jenna Love has been practicing yoga for over a decade. She began at age 11 and became a certified Transcendental Meditation teacher in 2013. She has also become a certified Sanskrit teacher through the American Sanskrit Institute. She is committed to further exploring the many facets of yoga.

Jenna is deeply committed to her daily yoga practices and teaches classes that focus on the union of breath and movement. She offers 45-minute classes that incorporate flow, breathing exercises, and functional movement. Her classes help students to gain strength, flexibility, and energy. She recommends that students bring a yoga mat, water, and an open mind.

sound healing classes

Sound healing classes are an excellent way to learn about the benefits of sound. This ancient technique is based on the principles of vibration, intention, and love. Ancient Sibyls and Nymphs used sound to communicate with their spirits and receive healing and messages. Sound practice opens the ear and connects us with a deeper part of ourselves. It also primes the intuitive opening.

She uses crystal singing bowls in her healing sessions. These bowls produce beautiful high-frequency sounds that resonate on a cellular level. These sounds bring about a feeling of calm and balance in our bodies. Students benefit from the benefits of this practice and can take the class at her studio or on their own.

During and after a sound bath, participants report deep relaxation. They often can’t believe that time has passed. Participants also often feel inspired and creative after the sessions. They have also reported feeling connected to their higher selves, spirit guides, and even deceased loved ones.

energy work classes

If you are interested in energy healing, consider taking energy work classes with Jenna Love. She offers group classes and one-on-one sessions, which allow her to provide personalized attention to each student. In addition to teaching people about energy healing, Jenna also shares ancient rituals like cacao, ecstatic dance, tarot, drumming, moon wisdom, and breath work.

Jenna’s teaching style is informed by a trauma-informed understanding of subtle energy. She offers classes on gentle and restorative yoga, meditation, sound healing, and Kundalini yoga, among many other practices. Her classes for all levels are safe, gentle, and deeply relaxing, and she offers children’s yoga as well. She is also the lead teacher for the Breathwork Certification Course. This work has helped her transform her own trauma into a healing presence.

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