Jenna Compono

Jenna Compono

Born on December 31, 1992, Jenna Compono has been involved with reality TV shows for almost a decade. Besides her success on the MTV show The Real World, she has also been a finalist on several other shows. Her career began as a secretary before launching into show business. Her cool demeanor and good looks quickly gained her a following among male viewers. She’s currently gearing up to compete on The Challenge: Rivals 4.

While she hasn’t won an entire season on The Challenge, she’s been able to get herself a lot of good press. Compono has a positive outlook on life and says that if you live by your values, good things will happen to you. She’s not quite as famous as her co-stars, but she’s managed to garner a large fan base.

After her dream wedding, Compono has been happily dating Zach Nichols ever since. Their relationship was initially troubled, but it eventually worked out and they reunited. In December, they got engaged. In March 2021, the couple married in a low-key ceremony. Now they’re expecting their second child.

After their Exes II season, Compono went on to do extremely well. She won the first two challenges of the season, but ended up losing the final to Anika. Later, she won the Redemption House with Vince. In Rivals III, she also managed to win eliminations against KellyAnne and Larissa. The team she formed with Vince was one of the best on the show.

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