Jeff Zausch Wife

The Relationship Between Jeff Zausch and Erin Munoz

Jeff Zausch and Gabrielle Munoz have been dating for quite some time now, but they are yet to tie the knot. The couple has no children, although they do share a Golden Retriever named Beck. Zausch is a very private person, and we don’t know much about his previous relationships. However, he has been married once before, to Gabrielle Munoz, who he married in 2016.

Erin Munoz

The marriage between Erin Munoz and Jeff Zausch has been a subject of much controversy. However, despite being rumored for quite some time, the couple remains together and is still thriving in their relationship. They are frequently photographed together, including on vacations and on date nights. Although the couple has not yet exchanged wedding vows, their relationship seems to be strong and they may start a family soon.

Jeff Zausch is known for his appearances on “Naked and Afraid XL” and “Dual Survival”. Previously, the TV star competed in survival games on the Discovery channel. His wife, Erin Munoz, is a traveler and musician, who first met him through a family member. They bonded over their love for wildlife and outdoor adventures.

Gabrielle Zausch

Gabrielle Zausch was the wife of Jeff Zausch, the reality TV star. The couple got married in the year 2013, but they separated two years later. They did not have any children. They were living in Pocatello, Idaho, and Jeff worked as a Geographic Information Systems Specialist. His family was not very rich, but they lived a relatively comfortable life in Pocatello.

Zausch married Gabrielle Zausch in March 2013. He posted pictures of their relationship frequently on social media, but his relationship dissolved in 2015. Since then, he has been posting pictures with his new girlfriend, Gabrielle Munoz. They often share pictures of their date nights and hikes. They also take time off from their survival trips to spend time together.

Erin Munoz’s relationship with Jeff Zausch

Erin Munoz and Jeff Zausch are in a relationship and the two are open about their relationship. Jeff Zausch is the host of Discovery’s Naked and Afraid XL and a TV personality who has been spotted with Erin Munoz on social media. The two have a great chemistry together and have been seen together on vacations and in public places. Although the couple hasn’t revealed when they first met, they’ve been dating since 2017.

Jeff Zausch and Erin Munoz have a long-term relationship. They have a golden retriever and are often photographed with it. In the past, the couple appeared in the same Extreme Sports episode together. But the relationship between Jeff and Erin Munoz is not yet official. It’s still unclear whether they will get married.

Jeff Zausch’s survival skills

Jeff Zausch has the survival skills of a survivalist and he credits these skills to his father, who was born with a cardiac abnormality and battled death numerous times. He has climbed many Northwest mountains and was an expert tracker, hunter, and trapper by the time he was in his early twenties. His survival skills have helped him overcome many challenges and he continues to push his physical limits.

Zausch is an outdoor enthusiast and believes that survival skills are essential for the survival of humankind. He encourages others to get out of their comfort zones and test their limits. He advocates spending at least one night in a tent and challenging themselves to overcome various challenges. He is a big fan of extreme sports and often travels to remote locations to test his own survival skills.

Erin Munoz’s career as a musician

Erin Munoz is a musician who has been posting her music on YouTube and Instagram. The singer-songwriter has more than 10K followers on Instagram. Her relationship with Zausch has been quite public, with the couple often seen traveling and documenting their adventures on social media. Their recent Valentine’s Day outing involved a trip to see tigers. Her relationship with Jeff Zausch has been publicized as being strong, with many fans asking when the couple was going to get married.

The couple has been married since 2013, and they have no children. They travel together around the world and have several thousand Instagram followers. Erin Munoz’s career as a musician as the wife of Jeff Zausch is thriving and she is earning from her music.

Jeff Zausch’s net worth in 2022

Jeff Zausch was born in Pocatello, Idaho, and is currently 35 years old. He is of American nationality and is a white Christian. He studied at the University of Idaho State University. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Earth and Environmental Systems and a minor in Ecology. Jeff is a fit and healthy man with a body weight of 77 kilograms.

Jeff Zausch has appeared on Naked and Afraid on six different occasions. He holds the record for the most days on the show with 121 days. He also has an active Instagram account with 87 thousand followers. He follows 6000 people on Instagram and has posted 1183 pictures and videos. He has completed numerous survival missions when he was young.

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