Jeff Lindsey Net Worth

Jeff Lindsay Net Worth – How Much Is It?

Jeff Lindsay is best known as the author of the Dexter series and other works. Although successful, Lindsey remains humble; he holds fast to the belief that success takes hard work and dedication in order to be realized. Through hard work and dedication he has built up an outstanding legacy for himself and his family.

Real estate developer who had spent much of his career in northwest Arkansas was popular among bankers. Lauded for his vision and energy as well as for creating jobs through his projects, as well as quickly closing deals, this developer became beloved among his community members and bankers alike.

Lindsey was hit hard by the housing market crash. His companies began to falter on the brink of bankruptcy. Reportedly he employed over 100 workers and owned 63 rental houses and four lots; plus 24 additional companies or partnerships that he listed ownership or interest in; 25 co-debtors whom he claimed as debts from businesses he claimed as co-debtors according to court papers; 24 other debtors as co-debtors (according to court papers); his claimed debts being mostly business debts according to court papers; U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Ben Barry granted Lindsey a Chapter 7 discharge on March 31.

He has since consolidated his assets and no longer runs multiple businesses from his sixth-floor office at Lindsey Building in north Fayetteville. Lindsey no longer purchases new trucks every six to eight months and no longer travels via company jet, according to Elsass.

At the pace that Bezos’ earnings have been growing recently, it would take the combined wealth of 1.8 million Americans to equal the $100 billion of a centi-billionaire according to an Aira report for industrial components distributor RS Components. Furthermore, Bezos’ $127 billion fortune may even take longer due to his wealth being linked closely to shares of Amazon which can rise or fall at any time in value.

His remaining wealth is divided among private equity investments and cash investments that he has put into several startups such as SpaceX (which makes rockets used to launch satellites into orbit), The Washington Post, and Blue Origin – an outer space tourism company. He serves as chairman of the board for Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League. He has served on the boards of University of Colorado Boulder, Northwestern Mutual and American Museum of Natural History. He is a member of both the Congressional Black Caucus and Aspen Institute’s Advisory Council, having received honorary doctorate degrees from University of Arkansas at Little Rock and University of the Ozarks respectively. Additionally, he has lectured at numerous universities both domestically and abroad; written screenplays for television and films.

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