Jeanine Lobell Net Worth

Jeanine Lobell Net Worth

Jeanine Lobell Net Worth is a beauty guru who makes her living doing makeup on celebrities. This incredible woman rises early each morning to ensure her family is cared for before heading off to work with a smile on her face, fully committed to her profession – something her fans adore her for. Jeanine serves as an amazing example to all women!

Though she has had to cope with the loss of her husband, she has managed to amass an extraordinary fortune through hard work alone. An international cosmetic star with extensive experience working with some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities. Stila Cosmetics has quickly become a key player in its industry and her earnings are on an exponential upward trend.

Before she launched her company, she faced difficulties making ends meet as a mime student with dreams of joining the circus. Undaunted, she persevered to build herself a successful fashion career – eventually moving to LA and landing an employment offer at a Chanel counter; although initially hard work and dedication were necessary.

Jeanine created Stila cosmetics in 1994 from her home, employing creative employees and growing it to an empire now owned by Estee Lauder.

She has also worked on various movies and television shows. An expert in making movies look stunningly beautiful, she has collaborated with actors like Liv Tyler, Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett and Sharon Stone – just to name a few!

Her work has been featured in various magazines and she has earned several awards for her talents, such as being named Elle and Marie Claire’s “best makeup artist in the US”. Elle and Marie Claire even named her as such! Her recent film One Night at McCool’s featured Liv Tyler who she made sure looked gorgeous using Liv’s favorite lipstick for red carpet photos.

Outside of her career, she shares custody with four children from her previous marriage – Bailey, Wallis, Esme and Poppy – from 1987 until 1985 when the relationship ended. Since that time they remain close.

Jeanine enjoys playing mahjong with friends and family to stay calm, relaxed, and patient in difficult situations. When not working, Jeanine likes spending her free time at the beach or with her children; enjoying a good glass of wine; dressing stylishly according to current trends; her net worth has steadily been increasing and is quickly on its way towards becoming one of the premier celebrity makeup artists globally.

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