Jean Stoffer Net Worth

Jean Stoffer Net Worth – Facts About the Reality TV Star and Interior Designer

Jean Stoffer is a beloved reality TV star and interior designer, known for her appearances on Bravo series Flipping Out as well as her successful design services business. Her popularity rose due to her appearances on Flipping Out as well as her significant social media following and commitment to eco-friendly practices; these active accounts provide fans with valuable updates regarding both work and life.

Jean is an interior designer who specializes in timeless aesthetics. Her style is heavily influenced by Midwest aesthetics and she often utilizes natural materials in her designs. Jean’s commitment to classic elements combined with Midwestern charm have earned her many fans among design enthusiasts.

She has also expanded her brand through home furnishings, lighting fixtures and rugs sold through Stoffer Home store – which opened in 2018 – offering wide variety of merchandise. Additionally, the store features online e-commerce capabilities enabling her to reach wider audiences.

Jean has designed her store’s products with classics in mind while adding modern twists, giving clients access to timeless looks without spending an arm and a leg. Her keen eye allows her to spot exactly the pieces needed for creating beautiful yet functional spaces that create memories for her clients.

Jean has four adult children and several grandchildren. She and Ted, her longtime spouse, have been immensely happy together; they value family life deeply, always remembering to honor loved ones on special occasions; Gail Sautelle Bradbury Tittle remains her main source of motivation.

She currently resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan with her husband and their three children: John, Dan and Grace – Grace joined Stoffer Home as a design partner in 2016. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Calvin College.

Jean has worked in numerous industries before establishing her own business. She spent time as both a real estate agent and designer before beginning to specialize in interior design. Additionally, Jean was a wedding photographer. Additionally, she joined the American Society of Interior Designers where she earned numerous awards.

Jean not only runs her business, she also hosts The Established Home show on Magnolia Network. The series gives viewers an insider look into Jean’s projects while offering advice for creating their dream homes. Her show has become immensely popular worldwide and millions watch it.

Though Jean hasn’t released her net worth publicly yet, she has been in the industry for quite some time and boasts extensive experience and is continually honing her skills. Furthermore, her hard work and determination has contributed to her success within the field – something which should see it increase significantly soon enough as Jean serves as an example for others who wish to pursue their goals with determination.

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