Jaylene Cook

Jaylene Cook

Jaylene Cook was born in Hamilton, New Zealand. She has not revealed many details about her life, including her parents and siblings. It is unclear whether she was a single child or a part of a large family. There are also no details on her educational background. Cook keeps her personal life private, and it may be difficult to learn everything about her without knowing her family’s background.

Jaylene Cook’s modeling career

Jaylene Cook is a New Zealander who has become popular internationally. She was born in Hamilton, New Zealand, and has worked as a model and actress. She was crowned Miss January 2017 Playmate of Mexico, and has also appeared on the cover of many high-profile magazines. Her modeling career has come a long way since her humble beginnings on a farm in New Zealand.

In 2017, Jaylene Cook made a splash when she appeared on the cover of Playboy Magazine in Mexico. She has also appeared in Peeled Magazine, FHM, and Universe 137 Magazine. In addition to her modeling career, Jaylene has also marketed the high-end global cannabis brand Ignite.

Jaylene Cook recently posed naked on the top of Mount Taranaki, a sacred mountain in New Zealand. This sparked outrage because locals believe she was culturally insensitive. The top of the mountain is sacred to Maori people, and tourists have only recently begun climbing it.

Her nude photo at the top of Mount Taranaki

Jaylene Cook’s recent nude photo at the top of Mount Taraaki has caused quite a stir. The glamour model from New Zealand posted a picture of herself on Instagram with no clothing at all. But it seems the local tribe is not pleased with the photo, as it is culturally insensitive. After all, the mountain is a sacred place to the Maori and is regarded as a burial ground for their ancestors.

Jaylene Cook recently starred in Playboy Mexico and is currently on tour in New Zealand with her boyfriend, who also took the picture. She has also been compared to Instagram star Magdalena Wosinska, who has nearly 121,000 followers.

Cook has defended her decision to pose bare-chested on the summit, where she took the photo. However, nudity on a mountain has caused outrage in the past. In 2015, two Canadians were sentenced to three days in jail for nudity and were fined a large sum of money. A Malaysian official even blamed the naked tourists for a 5.9-magnitude earthquake that hit the country that day.

Her relationship with Undead Sols

Jaylene Cook and Undead Sol teamed up with major influencers and authors to launch the Undead Trading Card Game. This project is already attracting major celebrities and is set to launch its first collection on October 28. In an effort to increase visibility and boost community engagement, the team has released a New Roadmap.

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