Jayhawk Towers

Jayhawk Towers – Renovations Are Underway

If you are a KU student, you have probably already heard of the renovations that are going on at Jayhawk towers. They will cost approximately $8.1 million to complete and are set to begin after spring semester. These renovations are specifically being done to provide better accommodations for student-athletes. Tower A will undergo renovations first, followed by Tower B.

Renovations to jayhawk towers

Renovations to Jayhawk towers will be underway this semester. The improvements will include new energy-efficient windows, new lighting, and more. The building will also feature new security systems and new flooring. The renovations will also improve the building’s efficiency and reduce utility costs. Most of the renovations will be centered around the kitchen and bathroom. Some units will even feature a kitchen island.

Renovations to the residence halls will take a few months, but students can expect to see the results in the fall. The first phase will include renovations to Jayhawker Tower D, which is slated to be completed next year. Another phase will be the renovation of Gertrude Sellards Pearson Hall, which will be co-ed. McCollum Hall will also go through renovations. Approximately $13.1 million will be spent on the project.


The Jayhawker Towers are a popular choice among upperclassmen, transfer students, and non-traditional students looking for on-campus living. These units offer increased space, privacy, and independence while maintaining a student’s sense of community. Residents enjoy proximity to the Allen Fieldhouse and Burge Union. The apartments are designated as 2-person units, and they feature full-sized beds and private bathrooms. There are a variety of rental options and a summer occupancy program.

The towers are located near the University of Kansas campus, which is an easy commute for students. The campus is home to three performing arts centers, including the Lied Center of Kansas. The center is located 2,000 feet from the Jayhawker Towers. On Thursday, August 20, student-athletes will return to campus. The new renovations at Jayhawker Towers include new carpet, appliances, and furniture. The apartments also feature remodeled bathrooms and kitchens.

Jayhawk Towers is located at 700 SW Jackson Street in downtown Topeka, Kansas. It was built in 1926 as the Hotel Jayhawk, and it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Its large neon signs are reminiscent of the university’s mascot, the Jayhawk.


The Jayhawker Towers are a popular choice among upperclassmen, transfer students, and nontraditional students, offering the added benefits of privacy and independence while living on campus. The residence halls are located across from Allen Fieldhouse and the Burge Union. The building’s prices are based on the amount of space residents occupy. They range from $3,630 to $6,388 per year for a two-person apartment.

Jayhawk Towers feature fully equipped kitchens, including a dishwasher and stove. Apartments are furnished with queen-sized beds and extra-long twin beds, although there are also two-person apartments in Towers A and D that feature full-size beds. The bathroom is equipped with a shower rod, but residents are responsible for providing their own shower curtains.

Move-in day

When students arrive at the University of Kansas, they must adhere to the move-in schedule for their halls. The schedule can be viewed in the myKU portal. It will include a checklist with specific instructions for move-in, such as what items are allowed and prohibited. All rooms in the university’s student housing buildings include a bed, desk, dresser, and chair. Be sure to review the specifics of each room, including the mattress size and whether or not it is a bunkbed.

In order to move in early to scholarship halls, students must pre-register for the move-in date. Students who are pre-approved for early arrival can begin the process on the morning of August 18. Typically, students should start at Massachusetts Street and head west towards the scholarship halls. Once there, they should turn left onto the street leading to the hall. Once there, they should help each other unload their belongings.

Students who are not planning on living on campus should remember that it is illegal to change rooms without permission. All requests for a room change must be approved by the Student Housing office. This applies to those who are moving from a different residence hall to Jayhawker Towers. The university’s housing department will review each request, and staff will work to accommodate the request. However, they cannot guarantee the availability of the desired room. Depending on the number of residents, room changes may be impossible.

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