Javier Pastore Net Worth

Javier Pastore Net Worth

Javier Pastore Net Worth is an esteemed Argentinian professional soccer athlete known for playing for some of the most esteemed clubs around. Additionally, his dedication and hard work in soccer has resulted in both personal and financial success for himself and his country.

Right-footed player was born in Cordoba on June 20th 1989 and began his footballing journey at Instituto de Cordoba Youth System where he quickly emerged as one of their star players. Soon thereafter he moved onto Huracan FC of Argentine Primera Division, making waves across football world with his outstanding vision and passing abilities that earned him praise from coaches and teammates alike.

Palermo took notice quickly of Pastore, signing him to their first team for an impressive EUR39 million fee in 2009. Within just three years he became an integral member of their first squad and eventually an everyday starter; furthermore his talents caught the attention of several other clubs, such as Paris Saint-Germain who signed him for another record breaking EUR39 million fee in 2011.

Pastore is widely respected for his success on the pitch; however, away from it he remains quite shy and quiet. Married to Italian TV presenter Chiara Picone and raising two children together. A practicing Catholic with both Argentinian and Italian ancestry.

Pastore’s remarkable technical prowess has earned him several endorsement deals during his career. Perhaps most prominent is with Nike; he wears solely their footwear during professional matches. Furthermore, since 2014 he has also been representing luxury brand Montblanc.

Pastore may not stand as tall as some of his counterparts, yet is still quite powerful and athletic. He can quickly move around the pitch with ease while capable of playing any position; typically though he acts as an attacking midfielder for his teams.

Javier Pastore’s style of play may have been labeled “avant-garde,” yet its true strength lies in creativity, technique, and elegance. As an excellent passer, Javier can easily set up scoring chances for his teams while also offering excellent defensive protection on the pitch. His elegant yet stylish playing earned him the moniker “El Flaco.” With so much talent and success under his belt – from creating goals to protecting it easily on defense – Javier remains one of history’s greatest footballers and should remain so for many years after retirement! His achievements will forever remain remembered long into the future and we wish him all success for future endeavors!

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