Jasmine Hartin Net Worth

Jasmine Hartin Net Worth

Jasmine Hartin, a Canadian socialite charged with murdering a Belize police officer. She has an estimated net worth of between $2-$4 million and is related to multimillionaire Michael Ashcroft; she married Andrew Ashcroft as his son-in-law.

She has an impressive resume: former real estate agent and co-owner of an upscale restaurant in Belize; outstanding revenue annually from luxury hotel chains she owns; significant financial support from her father-in-law’s property law firm as a substantial financial backer;

Jasmine Hartin shot and killed Henry Jemmott of Belize Police Force on May 20, 2021. His body was discovered near San Pedro Pier with multiple gunshot wounds to his head near his ears. Hartin claimed she accidentally fired the gun by reaching for it to remove its magazine or clip, when instead it went off and fired immediately.

However, the family of the officer believed it was murder. Furthermore, British tabloids published pictures showing Hartin enjoying topless swimming as the case remained open and this enraged her family members further.

Hartin eventually admitted her guilt and was fined for manslaughter in April 2023, offering an apology to the family of the victim for her actions.

Hartin recently told 48 Hours that media has misrepresented her personality. People perceive her as being wild and crazy party girl when in reality she’s just a normal person.

She is in the midst of a custody battle between herself and her former spouse regarding their twins, while making an impressionable first impression in front of their children. Additionally, her former partner is currently facing fraud charges.

Hartin had long been recognized in Belize as both an outstanding businesswoman and an influential public figure, regularly making public appearances and even appearing on one of their popular reality television programs.

Jasmine has extensive experience as a real estate agent at SANCAS Realty Ltd and was recognized for her great salesmanship for many years. Additionally, she currently holds the position of Director of Lifestyle and Experience at her husband’s luxurious Alaia resort. Canada-native Lauren is an expert in Marketing and Communications with a degree from University of Windsor. Additionally, she completed a Conflict Resolution Course from Harvard Kennedy School of Government; was certified personal trainer; as well as being engaged in charitable works. She is also a member of the Rotary Club of Belize. Her sense of humor makes her laugh easily. She enjoys traveling and hiking. Dogs are very fond of her, often taking them for a walk! Reading books and watching movies are also hobbies of hers as is cooking; apple pie being her favourite dessert to make! Additionally she likes spending time with family and friends and hosting dinner parties!

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