Jaromir Jagr Net Worth

Jaromir Jagr Net Worth

Jaromir Jagr is an esteemed professional ice hockey player. Over his long and esteemed career, he has amassed considerable wealth and become one of the greatest players ever. Currently playing for HC Kladno while earning a healthy salary; additionally he is well known for his charitable works and active social media use.

Jaromir Jagr has earned numerous honors during his storied career. A three-time Olympian, numerous NHL titles won and most notably awarded with Lester B. Pearson Memorial Trophy; currently ranking eighth highest scorer ever. Additionally, his country of Czech Republic won numerous gold medals at international sporting events under his watchful eye.

Ervin possesses an outstanding scoring ability and has established himself as a strong leader within his locker room, often wearing jersey number 68 in memory of his deceased grandfather who died behind bars. Ervin has become widely-recognized for his charitable works – having donated millions to various causes over time – as well as political activism ties with liberal-conservative Civic Democratic Party in his native land.

Jaromir Jagr has amassed an estimated net worth of $1,293,600 from his career as a hockey player over more than 25 years, amassing earnings totalling more than $135,382,322. As such, he stands as one of the most successful hockey players ever.

In 2001, he signed a seven-year deal worth $77 million with the Washington Capitals – then the highest contract ever in league history at that time – but struggled to live up to it and was traded to New York Rangers in 2004 where his form improved quickly, earning several awards including Lester B Pearson Award in 2006.

He left the NHL in 2008 to play in the Kontinental Hockey League for Avangard Omsk of Avangard Omsk before returning in 2011 with the Philadelphia Flyers, scoring an unprecedented 67-goal season that made him popular and resulted in lucrative contracts for himself and other teammates.

At present, he is single and childless; living in a Pittsburgh mansion worth millions and owning several properties across the country. Social media updates regularly show him posting pictures and videos for fans to view. Gambling was once costly; but since paying back all debts owed. Gambling also led him into debt for gambling losses that cost him much of his personal fortune; although gambling debts remain with him; as is frequent travel. A fan of art, he has visited some notable museums worldwide like Louvre Paris and Metropolitan Museum New York City while collecting paintings by modern Czech artists among his own collection.

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