Jamil Damji Net Worth

Jamil Damji Net Worth

Jamil Damji is widely respected as an international real estate investing and wholesaling expert. His company KeyGlee, which sells more than 100 houses each month, was featured in A&E original series Triple Digit Flip and provides paid training programs for entrepreneurs. Jamil’s estimated net worth stands at over $50M while he continues making waves within the real estate industry with his AstroFlipping approach.

He was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada to his parents Anil Damji and Nurjehan Damji of East Indian descent and multilingualism. Early on he performed as a stand-up comedian which helped shape his personality so he can connect with people of various walks.

Jamil Damji is one of the co-founders of KeyGlee, a nationwide real estate wholesaling business with 18 years of experience and regularly closing 60 deals a month. Sharing his expertise as mentor and educator to other real estate businesses; along with owning both his real estate business and marketing agency he also runs his own marketing agency to assist these other organizations with growing their online presence and driving increased revenues for them.

Though not many details of his personal life are known, we know he has a wife and two daughters. Furthermore, his fluency in both English and Kutchi has proven invaluable during his real estate career; having such an understanding has allowed him to build an expansive clientele across multiple regions of the United States.

Jamil enjoys many hobbies in his free time, from playing sports and hanging out with family to sharing his knowledge as an entrepreneur. Jamil strongly supports improv and incorporates its “yes, and” philosophy into his business strategies.

He is also an advocate for the real estate investing community and has contributed to various charitable organizations. Through real estate investment he has managed to build low-risk wealth for himself and provide financial security for his family. Furthermore, his success in real estate allowed him to give back regularly to his community, serving as a role model for young entrepreneurs in his area. As an avid philanthropist and passionate philanthropist he strives to assist others achieve their goals – which led him to share his knowledge on wholesaling real estate and wholesaling with as many individuals as possible; which has allowed his business growth over time as well.

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