Jake Evans Vs Rich Mccormick

The race for Georgias 6th Congressional District is now a two-person race. Emergency room physician Rich McCormick and Marine veteran Jake Evans are vying for the Republican nomination. Both were endorsed by President Donald Trump and have strong GOP credentials. The Republican nomination is essential to keep the GOP in control of Congress.

The Republican primary election will be held on June 21. The winner will go on to face Democrat Bob Christian in November. During the primary, Evans earned 26,160 votes. McCormick received 48,967 votes, or 43 percent of the vote.

McCormick has over one million campaign contributions. He has called himself a MAGA warrior and said that America has a major drug affordability and pricing problem. However, he has not yet received any campaign donations from President Trump. While the race is close, one thing is certain – McCormick is backed by special interests.

Rich McCormick has been the top fundraiser in the Republican primary, raising more than $2 million. His total donations were about $165,000 more than EvansEvans. McCormick has a lifetime of experience in government and service. His campaign is backed by the Republican Party’s most liberal wing.

McCormick also took the opportunity to attack Evans during the debate. He said his attacks were meant to distract voters from Evans’ essay. McCormick called Evans’ essay “a manifesto” because he defined institutional racism and suggested that public money should be allocated to education.

Rich McCormick is a doctor who is a staunch advocate for parental rights. He has worked in the emergency room and knows the trauma that gun violence can inflict on entire communities. In addition, he is also an advocate for the mental health of our nation.

Although McCormick topped the May 24 primary, he fell short of the 50 percent plus one-vote margin. This means that the second-place candidate will likely face a runoff against Evans if he fails to get over the 50%-plus-one threshold.

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