Jacob Desvarieux Net Worth

Jacob Desvarieux Net Worth

Jacob desvarieux amasses a net worth of $990,000. As an accomplished musician and band member of Kassav’, Jacob helped pioneer zouk music–an innovative blend of Caribbean traditions with electronic dance music–which has seen worldwide popularity. Kassav’ is widely celebrated for their distinctive soulful sound which has received numerous hits across various music platforms worldwide. Additionally, Jacob collaborates with other prominent musicians including Wyclef Jean while being involved with humanitarian causes.

Born in Paris on November 21st 1955, Jacob spent much of his early years on Guadeloupe and Martinique – two French territories located in the Caribbean – with his mother who hails from Martinique; her desire was to show Jacob its vibrant culture that she so admired. A dedicated family man, Jacob enjoys spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren.

As guitarist and co-founder of Kassav’, Jacob desvarieux created the musical genre known as zouk. The group consisted of Jacob desvarieux, Jocelyne Beroard, Pierre-Edouard Decimus, Jean-Philippe Marthely and Patrick St Eloi and is widely credited for making compas music (cadence-lypso or cadence-boule) more accessible outside its native islands by blending elements from various African and Caribbean styles such as Guadeloupean gwo ka and Guadeloupean soukous/rumba from Zaire.

The band toured widely and sold many albums. Fans from Guadeloupe and Martinique, known as zoukers, queued for hours just to attend concerts hosted by them. Their irresistibly upbeat music fused love songs with party tunes while simultaneously commenting on sociopolitical matters often in double entendre terms.

Jacob Desvarieux started collaborating with younger artists from both the Caribbean and Africa during the 2000s, working in different genres such as ragga, rap, dance hall and R&B music. His 2003 single, “Laisse Parler les gens”, featuring Jocelyne Labylle from Guadeloupe as well as Cheela Passi from Guadeloupe and Toofan from Togo was an international smash hit.

Jacob Desvarieux is known not only as an accomplished singer and musician but also for his humanitarian efforts, serving as honorary patron of 1 pour tous, Tous pour l’autisme (Association 1 for All /All for Autism). Additionally he holds the rank of chevalier of France’s Legion of Honour as well as numerous awards and honours including one dedicated to Zouk Music history.

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