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American politician and senator Jack Reed was born in Cranston, Rhode Island on 12 November 1949 and currently represents Rhode Island in the US Senate as a Democratic member. An expert on national security issues who serves on the Armed Services Committee; Jack also fights tirelessly on behalf of middle-class families.

Reed began his political career after serving in the U.S. Army and reaching Captain. Later, he studied public policy at Harvard, eventually graduating with a master of public administration degree. Subsequent to this military service and master degree education at Harvard, he ran successfully for United States House of Representatives, winning election and serving there for six years until being chosen as Claiborne Pell’s successor as senator in 2002.

Reed has dedicated much of his career as a senator to economic justice, healthcare and veterans’ rights issues. He played an instrumental role in passing the Post-9/11 GI Bill which expanded educational benefits for veterans. Furthermore, he has advocated for increased funding of military operations as well as expanding access to healthcare and employment for veterans.

He has long championed middle-class families since his upbringing in Cranston. Drawing upon lessons gleaned in both the Army and Congress, he champions working-class people across America. Among his key legislative achievements – protecting Social Security and Medicare while closing the Medicare prescription drug “doughnut hole”.

Reed is not only a senior United States Senator but also an author and attorney with experience ranging from corporate finance to tax law. Additionally, he has served on multiple committees such as Banking and Financial Services Committee and Joint Economic Committee.

He is currently single but was in a relationship with actress Mary Lou Westin for over a decade before they parted ways in October 2022 – though they can often be seen together publicly, suggesting they remain good friends despite having separated. It remains to be seen if or when the two will reconcile. Jack has long been an outspoken supporter of veterans and civil rights. Additionally, he staunchly backs the Affordable Care Act while fighting efforts to reduce Medicare and Social Security benefits. He is also an active proponent of gun safety measures, advocating for the passage of a nationwide assault weapons ban and voting against bills which limit lawsuits against gun manufacturers or loosen background checks at gun shows. Jack has two children from a previous marriage: one son (John), an actor; and a daughter, Rachelle, a lawyer. Jack owns an adorable dog named Beau and enjoys golf, jogging and traveling; reading and hiking in his free time as well as membership of Rotary Club of Providence.

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