Jack Palladino Net Worth

Jack Palladino Net Worth at the Time of His Death

Jack Palladino, an esteemed private investigator with clients including Patricia Hearst and Bill Clinton, died yesterday in San Francisco of a traumatic brain injury sustained when two individuals attempted to take his camera away outside his residence in Haight-Ashbury neighborhood.

Police and Palladino’s partner and stepson both reported that while taking pictures of a slow moving car on the street, his camera was stolen by four individuals who then tried to stop Palladino from taking further shots. While struggling with them, Palladino fell and struck his head against the pavement before the men drove off in their vehicle.

Palladino was hired initially by Patty Hearst’s family to investigate her kidnapping by Symbionese Liberation Army and later opened their San Francisco agency for fraud and medical malpractice investigations in 1977 with Sandra Sutherland as his partner. Since then they have provided services for clients involved with radical politics or counterculture movements – such as Black Panther leader Huey Newton or Hells Angels founder Sgt. Bob Hicks or even celebrities such as Courtney Love, Robin Williams or Kevin Costner among many others.

Palladino spent seven years interviewing survivors of the 1978 mass suicide by the Peoples Temple religious cult in Guyana, an investigation which garnered national attention. Furthermore, Palladino played an instrumental role in protecting the credibility of a tobacco whistleblower during the 1990s.

But his most acclaimed and controversial work was with women claiming extramarital affairs with Clinton, particularly their accusers. He became a divisive figure who alternately earned praise and criticism – some hailing him for helping disprove these allegations, others criticizing him as intimidating them or their families.

Palladino passed away Monday after being removed from life support following suffering a traumatic brain injury during an incident outside his home. Sutherland described Palladino’s death as “tragic accident”. Sutherland stated that her former boss had done his job well by protecting the lives and careers of his clients – all whom were special to him. Sutherland has worked closely with Mayor Willie Brown since 2008 as well as several other Bay Area politicians. She serves on the board of San Francisco Foundation with her partner and two children. She has a history of depression and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder over a decade ago; since then she has been receiving treatment. Additionally, she has spoken openly about her mental health struggles as an advocate for better access to services for people living with mental illnesses – supporting the Affordable Care Act along the way.

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