Izuku Owns A Business Fanfiction

When Izuku is 11 years old, she installs a new set of implants. Soon, she is able to walk normally and has full depth perception. However, something goes wrong and she has a seizure. It turns out that she had been testing the implant on herself for a long time. As a result, she skips whole years to get to an important invention.

The story of how Izuku grew up and became a successful businesswoman is an interesting one, which shows how people can make their dreams come true. As a young woman, she grew up in tokyo with her parents and worked in a coffee shop during her school breaks. In addition to working in a coffee shop, she had two little kids to take care of.

She’s a team mom to the Misfits, and has taken in the younger Misfits. Her mother-like character is also a mentor to them. She also has a large appetite, which is likely caused by her prosthetic arm. Mashi and Izuku form a strong bond over their Quirklessness and their desire to become heroes.

In addition to her budding science, Izuku has a witty sense of humor and is very good at sarcasm. She has a dry wit, and she pointed out to Nemuri that Mashi was a big fan of Midnight, saying that she showed a lot of skin. She also has a strong sense of humor and is a budding engineer, roboticist, neuroscientist, and chemist. Her business involves selling things that she’s invented.

Another aspect of this fanfiction that I really enjoy is the fact that Izuku is an exceptionally intelligent person. Her experiments are what make her so excited. She doesn’t have the quirk that makes a super-genius, but she does have the emotional maturity of a young kid.

While Izuku lives in an abandoned building, she also works on renovating it. In her free time, she builds robots to do most of the work. She also plans on loading up her arms with weapons later. In the end, she buys the building. This fanfic has a lot of twists.

Izuku’s business venture is very different from his canon counterpart. She wants to see the world and be a person of action. She also wants to help people, and in this fanfic, she does just that. In canon time, she is still a high school student. You do not need to be familiar with the manga series to enjoy this fanfiction.

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