I’ve Been Going Out With Nick Nelson

Nick Nelson’s character in I’ve Been Going Out With Nick Nelson is gay. After saving Charlie from bullies, sparks begin to fly between Nick and Charlie. They begin chatting before class, and Nick finds himself head over heels for Charlie. When you fall in love with someone, it can feel like meeting your soul mate, but it can also be a nightmare for your friends.

Nick and Charlie’s relationship develops as the series progresses. Charlie is getting closer to Nick and is ready to say the magic words, “I love you.” But she is unsure whether Nick feels the same way. Nick also tries to help Charlie overcome her eating disorder, but it is affecting his own mental health. While love can heal, it isn’t enough to cure mental illness.

Nick is initially mistaken for an obnoxious rugby lad, but he proves to be kind, patient and understanding. In fact, he even allows Charlie to join his team. Furthermore, he doesn’t judge Charlie’s sexuality, and he defends Charlie after Ben sexually assaults him and when Harry uses a homophobic slur.

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