Icewear Vezzo Net Worth

Icewear Vezzo Net Worth – Facts About the Rap Star

Icewear Vezzo, an American rapper, social media influencer, singer-songwriter, model and entrepreneur who makes millions through his music career, has amassed millions of YouTube subscribers around the globe who follow his videos featuring himself, his family, cars, houses and lifestyle as well as lifestyle updates from YouTube.

Chivez Smith, better known by his stage name Ice Wear Vezzo, began training himself for singing professionally as soon as he entered high school. His passion and drive to become a famous singer were undeniable.

He first entered the music industry in 2012 with his single Money Phone which quickly become an immense success and gained him immense notoriety. He has an amazing voice that captures audiences quickly with its musical abilities. Furthermore, his unique rapping style sets him apart from mainstream rappers.

Icewear Vezzo’s hard work and dedication has won him national acclaim, creating a loyal fan base and garnering national acclaim. Iced Up Records was established to reflect his entrepreneurial spirit; Vezzo draws his influence from Detroit, evident in his music.

Personal life for this talented musician involves his wife Kiara Marie. They met while attending high school together and quickly fell for each other, dating then marrying on 23 October 2016 after only several years together. Now proud parents to Navy Smith.

The multi-talented rapper is renowned for his love of food and dining out on dates with his wife. He prefers fancy restaurants to dine at and often posts his lifestyle to Instagram. Additionally, his garage is filled with luxurious vehicles – including his Rolls-Royce Wraith worth around $330K as well as Mercedes and Range Rover models.

Young talented rapper Jaden Smith enjoys shopping, and has amassed an impressive collection of designer clothing and jewelry. Additionally, he frequently takes his children shopping at high-end stores where they purchase expensive gifts from him for them. Furthermore, his impressive home worth more than $0.4 million stands as testament to his hard work and dedication; and is expected to become a star in music world soon enough.

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