Hugo Sanchez Net Worth

Hugo Sanchez Net Worth

Hugo Sanchez net worth was a retired Mexican soccer player and coach. Known for his speed and skill on the pitch as well as setting up teammates, Hugo scored over 500 goals during his professional career – famous for doing celebratory somersaults after every goal to honor his sister who competed at Montreal Olympics as a gymnast.

Hugo Sanchez is a beloved soccer player in Mexico with an immense fan base. As well as serving as a role model to young aspiring football players, Hugo has also proven successful as a coach; having managed both Pumas UNAM (where his career started) and other clubs. Most notably he now coaches the Mexican National team. Furthermore, Hugo is well known as a commentator and endorsements.

Sanchez was born in Mexico City, Mexico on 11 July 1958 – making him 61. Following playing in Mexican leagues he made the jump to Europe to join Real Madrid where he would go on to win four consecutive Pichichi Trophies before also winning Spanish championships with them both in 1982 and 1993.

After his stellar professional career, Sanchez moved into management. Since 2006 he has held the Mexican national team coaching post.

His personal life remains private, however, he is currently married to Isabel Martin since 1995 and have one child together: Portugal from their first marriage and an older daughter from their previous one.

Hugo and Laura live together with their children in Mexico City and enjoy going on family vacations and spending quality time together. He is an exceptional partner to his wife and children and always supports their endeavors; additionally he enjoys golfing as an activity to do with them in his free time.

Hugo Sanchez is an iconic athlete, with an immense global fan base. His passion for his country shines through as evidenced by the numerous awards bestowed upon him for his performances. Hugo’s love of football is infectious and serves as an inspirational figure for young hopefuls worldwide.

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