How To Decorate A Small Home

A good way to decorate a small home is to use smaller pieces and accessories. Large pieces can be displayed on walls, but they can also be displayed on shelves. Use the triangle rule for decorating. You can also use symmetry rules to style your dining room table and vignettes. Use three to five items in your vignettes. Don’t try to put every little thing on every surface; it will make the room look smaller.


Using mirrors is a good way to make a small home feel bigger. Not only do they reflect light, they also double the appearance of a space. Mirrors can also serve as functional pieces in a small room by reflecting the beauty of artwork and indoor plants. For best results, place mirrors at eye level, where they will be most effective.

Floor-To-Ceiling Shelves

Floor-to-ceiling shelves can add a dramatic statement to your home, while also providing plenty of storage and decorative options. Before you decide to buy a grand storage case, however, consider its use and placement. They’re often used as bookshelves, but they can also be used in other areas.

Matching Draperies

When decorating a small home, matching draperies to the rest of the space can be a challenge. The best option is to match draperies in color to the wall paint. This will make the room look more cohesive. But if you don’t have enough money to spend on matching curtains, there are several ways to achieve the same look.

Bold Colors

Decorating with bold colors can add a unique touch to a small home. But bold color schemes should be used with care. Remember that using too many of a single shade can overwhelm the room.


Using textures in your home design is a great way to add visual interest and variety to any room. From pillows to lighting fixtures, furniture to vases, playing with texture is a great way to make a statement. You can choose subtle or bold textures, or combine contrasting textures for a more dramatic effect.

Floor-To-Ceiling Windows

Floor-to-ceiling windows make a small home feel more spacious and open. They let in more natural light, which is beneficial for health. Moreover, they improve sleep and boost Vitamin D. In addition, they help reduce the risk of seasonal depression. Large windows also allow people to enjoy the views without leaving their homes.

Room-Filling Rugs

One way to make a small space feel more spacious and inviting is to use room-filling rugs. This can be achieved with the use of round rugs or cowhide rugs. Rugs with a specific pattern or design are also a good choice for small spaces. These rugs are often designed with different pile heights to add visual interest and highlight the design.

Taking Advantage Of The Space

Decorating a small home can be challenging. Luckily, there are ways to make the most of the space available. For example, you can take advantage of the structure of the house to add more storage space and display decorative items. You can even use the space between columns to place plants.

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