How to Combat Anti-Social Behavior: 101

Whether you are experiencing groups of teenagers and young people hanging around your small business premises, or else there have been reports of trouble in your local neighborhood, the best defense is to learn more about anti-social behavior and what can be done.

So, with that being said, here is how to combat anti-social behavior: 101.

What is Classed as Anti-Social Behavior?

As with many other areas of the law, especially from a public perspective, it can often be tricky actually to define what constitutes anti-social behavior.

Essentially, anti-social behavior can be defined as one or more of the following:

  • Any behavior which causes annoyance, frustration, or distress that is housing-related
  • Any conduct which is either causing or is likely to result in alarm, harassment, or distress to an individual
  • Any occurrence which causes annoyance or is a nuisance to an individual in their local neighborhood or residential street

Whether you are concerned for your private dwelling, or commercial premises with how to stop anti social behavior, then you should certainly investigate the myriad of benefits of technology that is specifically designed to irritate and disperse groups of teenagers.

Be Sensible!

Now, it may well be that all it takes for the particular anti-social behavior you are suffering from to stop is to tackle the issue yourself, and in some cases, this can be surprisingly effective.

However, it is crucial to express extreme caution, especially if you are not used to confrontation, with the best and safest way of tackling the situation yourself by getting together with your neighbors. Hopefully, an existing community watch group is already prevalent in your local area; if so, this should be your first port of call.

If you do feel capable and confident to approach the troublemakers or, indeed, neighbor yourself, then follow these tips:

  • Always stay calm and keep a quiet and respectful tone at all times
  • Try writing a note to the individual in question and applying it to their sense of reason
  • Consider asking local civil mediation services if you feel as if you are not getting anywhere with your calm and reasonable approach

Make Sure You Gather Evidence!

If you are currently experiencing an issue with anti-social behavior, the first thing you must know is that nothing can possibly be done to prevent this from happening in the future if you do not report this to your local sheriff’s office or police station.

However, once the police or local law representative arrives at your residence, the troublemakers have likely dispersed, and all appears calm. This is why it is strongly advisable that you start to gather evidence as proof of the anti-social behavior you are experiencing.

This can take the form of diary entries; you need to record every incident you experience as soon as it happens. It would be best to ask other people for witness statements and use a smart doorbell, camera phone, or even a simple CCTV system to record the events.

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