High Pitch Eric Net Worth

High Pitch Eric Net Worth

High Pitch Eric, born April 1971 in New York City and with an estimated net worth of $4 thousand, is best known for his association with Howard Stern Show and membership of Wack Pack Gang Bang. Additionally he has appeared on shows such as Howard Stern On Demand and Wack Pack Gang Bang as well as in videos such as Dynamite’s 21st Birthday Gangbang, World’s First 300lb Gangbang, and Howard Stern Birthday Bash. High Pitch Eric made his television debut during Howard Stern Birthday Bash event! Born April 1971 in New York City; High Pitch Eric has since made numerous television appearances on Howard Stern On Demand as Wack Pack Gang Bang member! High Pitch Eric was born into Wack Pack Gang of Wack Pack Gang.

Even though he hasn’t been as visible on air recently, High Pitch Eric still makes waves with his outrageous and uncensored humor. A member of Wack Pack, Eric is famous for his unrepentant penchant for junk food and waxing body hairs which has often resulted in media coverage for strange reasons.

He made headlines for an attempt at setting a new world record by eating over 120 books on a scale strapped tightly around his torso to prevent him from rolling off. Although JD reached his goal just shy of 132 books, the scale did not light up as an indicator for him when his goal had been reached – so JD added 10 additional books until finally it showed an indicator light up!

Eric’s driving skills have also come under scrutiny recently. Howard had Shuli update listeners on Eric’s most recent vehicular misadventures, including showing clips from their recent drive together and playing some expletive-laden clips from said drive. According to Howard, High Pitch doesn’t always abide by the letter of the law and has received many tickets for speeding and running red lights.

High Pitch Eric doesn’t own much real estate, but does own his home in Queens borough of New York City and several vehicles (including an SUV that he won in a giveaway on The Howard Stern Show ), including one with a customized license plate bearing his name as well as “The Howard Stern Show” logo on its rear bumper. Furthermore, High Pitch Eric owns an extensive costume piece collection from his years on airwaves.

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