Hello Langie Net Worth

Hello Langie Net Worth

Hello Langie is an American YouTuber, social media celebrity and entrepreneur best known for her self-titled vlogging channel on which she posts challenges, beauty tutorials, pranks, song covers and various other videos. Hello Langie boasts over 130,000 subscribers on both YouTube and Instagram accounts with millions of viewers per video uploaded; in collaboration videos with popular YouTubers such as Lilly Singh, Whitney Simmons and Katya Elise Henry she often makes collaboration videos.

Hello Langie’s self-named YouTube channel was established on March 16, 2017, and since then has amassed over 95.7 million views and 716k subscribers. Since September of 2017 she has regularly uploaded Vlogs on the platform; some of her most renowned vlogs include “I LIKE YOU PRANK ON YOUR BESTFRIEND!” and “DOING MY FRIEND’S MAKEUP”. Hello Langie is good friends with Ricco – another acclaimed YouTuber – whom she considers best friend as well.

She is an acclaimed and trending YouTube personality known for her challenges, beauty tutorials and vlogging videos. Born 29 July 1995 in California under the zodiac sign Leo. Lil Drip and she have an amicable relationship that often sees them collaborate on YouTube channels together.

Pablo and Pluto, two beloved pet dogs who share their home. Hello Langie has been together with him for three years and they share many close bonds. Hello Langie is an exceptional and skillful YouTuber; her videos are watched by millions worldwide.

She has not divulged many details regarding her family life and childhood; however, we can infer that she grew up within an emotionally supportive environment with parents who must be immensely proud of their daughter. Furthermore, she shares strong ties to both of her siblings as well as having several relationships but has yet to tie the knot.

Astrological predictions indicate that she will find success in her career this year due to having a Life Path number 6 which brings with it love, affection and care for others. Being generous helps too!

Hello Langie is currently estimated to have an estimated net worth between $1- $5 Million dollars, which she earns through YouTube videos, partnerships, brand endorsements and other business ventures.

Hello is a stunning young lady with an attractive smile and slim body. At 4ft 10 in, she weighs 48 kg and boasts brown eyes with dark hair color. Below you will find links for Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, Wikipedia etc if this article was helpful – share with others if necessary! Thank you.

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