Hector Echavarria Net Worth

Hector Echavarria Net Worth

Hector Echavarria Net Worth is an iconic Argentine actor. With an extensive martial arts background and global following, Hector Echavarria entered film acting with an abundance of experience and an effective marketing plan behind him. Not only was Hector an actor but he was also his own clothing line manufacturer, martial arts federation leader, action figure line creator, etc.

Hector started training martial arts at age four, thanks to encouragement from his parents. Martial arts proved highly beneficial in helping Hector combat severe asthma symptoms. Since then he has gone on to become an accomplished mixed martial arts fighter (MMA) as well as being highly successful as both film and television actor as well as martial arts teacher; with several movies under his belt as well as books about the art form published under his name.

Hector is also an accomplished football player, having competed professionally both in the United States and Chile. He made 36 appearances for Chile national team scoring 11 goals over 36 matches; He helped lead them to finish fourth at Copa America 2021.

Hector was born in Corrientes, the capital city of Argentina. Suffering from severe asthma as a child, his parents encouraged martial arts training as an avenue to help combat his illness. Today Hector has become an accomplished mixed martial artist (MMA fighter), appearing in multiple movies.

Hector is best-known for his role as Detective Antonio Rivera on Miami Vice, a role which won him an Emmy Award. Additionally, Hector has appeared in other films including Los Exterminitors and Brigada Cola as well as appearing in many theatre productions; winning an Obie Award for Bruce Jay Friedman’s Steambath as part of that work.

Recently, Hector has decided to transition away from his MMA career and focus on acting instead. Hector boasts an extensive list of credits, and was even nominated for an Emmy award for his work on Lost. However, Hector remains open to returning to MMA fights if appropriate opportunities present themselves in the future.

Hector Echavarria is currently living with his wife in Sherman Oaks California and proudly supports Latin heritage by only choosing roles which don’t denigrate Latin people or portray them in stereotyped depictions. Additionally, Hector has long advocated children’s literacy by participating in events like Festival of Books by Los Angeles Times and has his son Rodd as well. Additionally he’s an avid art collector possessing numerous paintings as well as being an enthusiastic jazz music lover with an extensive vinyl record collection and huge supporter of education by contributing financially to various schools or educational organizations over time – truly making Hector an inspiration to all his fans alike!

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