Has A Dog Ever Been Google Feud Answers

Google feud answers are triviality web pages that reimagine the traditional family feud game. These triviality web pages have been developed in conjunction with Google trends. The answers range from the mayor being knighted to a cat being eaten by a shark. There are even answers for Microsoft’s how old do I look app.

The format of Google Feud is similar to the American game show Family Feud, where participants must guess a popular ending to a phrase in order to win. The game is simple enough to play but not easy to master. You only have three guesses, which is why you have to be accurate in order to win.

The answers are so varied that they can cover nearly any subject. You can even find answers if you’re unsure of a particular language. For example, if you’re unsure if your spouse spoke Japanese, you can search for the answer using the language “japonese”. This type of question will usually be answered in the form of a “yes” or “no” answer.

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