Harry Kargman Net Worth

Harry Kargman Net Worth & Net Worth of His Partner, Jill Kargman

Harry Kargman is an American entrepreneur who founded and currently leads Kargo, an innovative next-generation omnichannel advertising platform. Kargo provides media companies with new perspectives and true collaboration while its platform combines data science and top tier ad tech to give media partners and brand partners an effective way to reach target audiences on every screen.

Harry’s experience building Kargo from scratch gives him an in-depth knowledge of current trends, consumer behavior and forces that are altering the media and advertising landscape. As an experienced speaker at advertising conferences like CES, IAB and Advertising Week as well as The New York Times, Today Show, Wall Street Journal and NPR coverage for his work he is often sought-out to give lectures or give talks.

Jill Kargman currently boasts an estimated net worth of $5 Million. She is an acclaimed novelist and television personality known for her eloquent style of writing as well as portrayal of characters in her books. Additionally, she has become well-known as an actress appearing on many shows and films (The Intern and Odd Mom Out being some examples). She has won multiple awards for her work.

As the mother of two children and an outstanding writer, she has managed to maintain a satisfying marriage and establish strong bonds between herself and her family. Always concerned with maintaining her image, she has never allowed details from her personal life to become public knowledge. An accomplished sculptor herself, she also achieves balance between personal life and professional endeavors.

Jill has garnered many fans and followers on social media, thanks to her down-to-earth personality and willingness to lend assistance when necessary. She stands out as an influencer with an unmatched fashion sense admired for being one of the world’s leading female figures.

Jill maintains an optimistic approach to life and adheres to leading a healthy lifestyle. She acts as a role model to younger generations and serves as an inspiration to all. In addition, Jill boasts an amazing sense of humor as an impressive conversationalist. She enjoys an active social life and loves spending time at the beach with her family. She is generous with her time, helping many in need along the way. Overall, her life has been both happy and successful and has accomplished much in terms of career growth. She has proven her talent with writing and acting skills by earning millions through them. Her fans love her for her work; fans who adore her physically too! Her height stands at 5 feet 7 inches while she weighs only 115 pounds – not bad considering all she carries around is blonde hair, blue eyes, an excellent body structure, charming smile and high levels of demand for her services in Hollywood!

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