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Harley Bird, best known for her portrayal of Peppa Pig on TV for thirteen years until her departure in 2020, is an English actress and voiceover artist who rose to fame due to this role.

She charges PS1,000 an hour, has appeared in various short films, TV shows and radio broadcasts as a performer and even worked alongside Saoirse Ronan in Kevin Macdonald movie!

Early Life and Education

Harley Bird was born December 13 in Rochdale, England to Gill and Craig Riley and began acting at Alphabet Kidz Talent Agency after signing. She voiced the beloved character Peppa Pig.

She has appeared in multiple television shows and films, such as presenting a behind-the-scenes feature on CBBC Newsround and appearing for an interview as her character on BBC Radio One’s Chris Moyles Show. Additionally, she contributed her voice for charity single Peppa Pig Children in Need Medley.

At age 18, she announced her intention to move onto other endeavors and was replaced by Amelia Bea Smith as Peppa Pig. Her character had become popular among millions of schoolchildren around the world.

Professional Career

Harley Bird has earned immense acclaim thanks to her hard work and talent. Known for playing Peppa Pig on television series such as Teletubbies, she looks to a bright future ahead and strives hard towards meeting her goals.

She is one of England’s foremost teenage voiceover artists and charges around PS1,000 an hour for her services.

She has made numerous TV and radio appearances. She presented a behind-the-scenes feature on CBBC Newsround, while appearing as Peppa Pig during an interview on a BBC Radio show. Additionally, she worked alongside notable actors such as Saoirse Ronan, Tom Holland and George MacKay, attended Pipers Corner School where she earned the British Academy Film Award for ‘Best Performer’ – she even has her Life Path Number as 1! She remains goal oriented.

Achievement and Honors

Harley Bird, best known for her voice work in Peppa Pig’s animated show Peppa Pig which has become an international success, earned fame through voicing numerous awards given to Harley Bird for acting and voice work.

Young star has amassed an enormous following on YouTube with her humorous videos, and has made considerable money through them.

Harley earned nomination for a BAFTA award at only nine years of age and won Cinequest Movie Festival’s audience award in 2013. Additionally, she garnered praise for her role in Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald’s film titled “How I Live Now.” She is highly active on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

Personal Life

Harley Bird has earned herself an impressive fortune as the voice behind Peppa Pig in over 185 episodes of Peppa Pig Show and won various awards during that time.

According to reports, this young actress reportedly earns PS12,000 per week and could become a millionaire by 21. She appears on television shows such as CBBC Newsround and Chris Moyles Show.

Harley Riley is the daughter of Gill and Craig Riley, who own a crane and lifting company. As she prefers spending her time focused on her career rather than raising children, her height and weight remain unknown; however, she boasts beautiful brown eyes as well as Venetian-styled locks.

Net Worth

Harley Bird, an esteemed British child actress, first found fame as she voiced Peppa Pig on TV show Peppa Pig for over 10 years and gained immense notoriety through it.

At five, she signed to Alphabet Kidz Talent Agency and secured her first role within a month. Additionally, she appeared in several television programs such as “CBBC Newsround” and “The Chris Moyles Show”.

She currently attends Pipers Corner School, situated in Tring, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. She keeps her personal life to herself, not providing any details on any potential romantic partners or hookups; instead she remains single while enjoying all that her acting career has brought her.

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