Glen Mccurley Wife

The Walker family is still grieving, regardless of whether you agree or disagree with McCurley’s sentence. In addition to being deeply saddened, they are also angry because the killer never got the justice he deserved. The family is trying to raise money for cold case testing. The new forensic genealogy tests are beginning to appear across the country, and they can help authorities narrow down leads and find the killer.

After DNA evidence proved that McCurley’s murderer was Carla Walker, McCurley’s sister, the murder trial of Glen McCurley’s wife was halted. The murderer was not arrested for decades, but he was finally caught and brought to trial two years later. The trial was delayed due to the sex of suspect’s wife. They decided to release her body.

Glen McCurley’s wife, Judy, is a witness in the Carla Walker murder trial. Judy McCurley was in the courtroom when the killer was arrested for murdering Carla Walker. The family spoke to the suspect’s family during the trial, and Judy McCurley reportedly thought of her own daughter, who was killed. Glen McCurley was arrested on an arrest warrant that states he knew nothing about the murder but was drunk at time of attack.

Glen McCurley’s wife, Judy, has three children. Judy, his wife, and their three children live in Florida. Their son, Trey, is a successful businessman and a dedicated family man. He is married to Judy McCurley and has two daughters, Hannah, and Madison. The couple is divorcing and their children are not disclosed for legal reasons. If the couple decides to stay together, it is good news.

On Aug. 24, the McCcurley family was ecstatic at the news of Glen Samuel McCcurley’s conviction for murdering Carla Walker. Carla’s body was found in a culvert near Benbrook Lake. It had been tortured and beaten to death, strangled and given morphine. McCurley’s family was shocked to learn that McCurley had been convicted of the crime.

Walker’s sudden death shocked the entire community. Walker was dressed for a dance. The day of her death, McCurley pulled Walker from the back of his boyfriend’s car. McCurley shot Walker as she was walking to a ball. Walker was then pistol-whipped by him until he fell asleep, leaving behind his body. Police also found a 22-caliber Ruger magazine and a bullet-containing magazine. They had been together for five months.

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