Funky Dineva Net Worth

Funky Dineva Net Worth

Funky Dineva is a social media personality and blogger best known for his YouTube videos where he posts his opinions about celebrity gossip, reality TV shows and other social issues with often hilarious and sometimes sarcastic remarks that have earned him widespread popularity. Additionally, Funky also hosts his own blog and podcast with followers both on Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Born and raised in the US, his parents weren’t exactly wealthy so early life could be challenging. Through hard work and determination he managed to become an established blogger with an impressive net worth as a result of all his hard work.

Internet sensation Zoella has amassed immense wealth through her YouTube videos and subsequent ads and endorsements on his channels. In addition, she has appeared as a guest on various television programs as well as hosting her own popular podcast called The Funky Show with co-hosts.

His YouTube series offers viewers with pop culture commentary and urban current affairs hot takes. Not afraid to stir things up, his comments have attracted criticism from fans, fellow bloggers and minor celebrities – yet his popularity and large subscriber base continue to expand due to his humor and comic timing.

He has been actively engaged in comedy for an extensive amount of time and is recognized as an industry pioneer. To date, his YouTube channel has amassed over 266,000 subscribers while his Facebook and Twitter pages provide opportunities to interact with followers and fans.

Quentin Latham, known by his vlogging handle Funky Dineva, used to work as a corporate accountant until 2010 when he decided to follow his passion for social media by creating the Funky Dineva persona and taking to social media as his platform of expression. Since then he has made multiple appearances on Love & Hip Hop as Funky Dineva as well as hosting the Kandi Koated Nights show alongside Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss from Real Housewives of Atlanta alongside his own popular YouTube series My Hair Is Layed Like

The vlogger hasn’t shared much about his personal life, though it is public knowledge he is openly gay. He enjoys an impressive social media following and has shown considerable support for the LGBT community through being part of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.

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