Filthy Rich Barber Shop

Filthy Rich barber shop is located in Queens, NY. The owner is self-taught and began giving himself shape-ups at age 14. He soon started giving shape-ups to friends and family. After a couple years, he decided to attend Atlas Barber School. Since then, he has been at Filthy Rich for three years. One of his regular customers is PRBLM Child NYC founder AJ Woods, who was a customer from the beginning.

Rich is from a small Filipino town, but he was born in Hawaii and moved to Woodside with his family. The Filthy Rich barber shop has a distinctly diverse clientele, with no single ethnicity dominating the business. However, 10% of the customer base are Filipino.

The shop is not racially segregated, which makes it a great place to mingle with other cultures. The diverse neighborhood is home to people from all races and ethnicities, making it a great place to meet people from different backgrounds. The friendly atmosphere is another reason why Filthy Rich is so popular. Whether you are white, Latino, or Asian, Filthy Rich caters to everyone.

The atmosphere at Filthy Rich Barber Shop is hip and upbeat. The barbers are all highly skilled and do amazing jobs. Some of my favorites are JayR, DK, and Marvin. Each of them has a different style and will give you a unique haircut. Filthy Rich is a legit place for a haircut in Queens. It has a great atmosphere, and you can listen to music while you’re there.

Filthy Rich Barber Shop is located in Woodside, Queens. The shop has been around for ten years and has attracted the attention of numerous celebrities. NBC and the New York Post have both featured the barbershop’s unique services. Filthy Rich barber shop has a great reputation in Queens and is home to a number of celebrity clients.

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