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Fess Parker was an American actor known for his portrayals of frontier heroes Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone in film and television productions. With his tall frame and friendly demeanor, many Americans saw in him the embodiment of pioneer myths.

Parker was born in Fort Worth, Texas on August 16th and died March 18th 2010 in Santa Ynez. Throughout his life he held various professional titles in wine-making, resort ownership and entrepreneurship; acting and supporting various charities and causes during this period.

In 1954, Parker began working as a television actor. He appeared in numerous western movies and shows such as Dragnet as well as guest starring roles on My Little Margie and Playhouse 90. Parker studied drama at University of Southern California where he received a Master of Theatre Studies Degree.

He continued acting throughout the early 1950s in numerous films and television shows such as Island in the Sky, Battle Cry, Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier; Davey Crockett and the River Pirates, Westward Ho and Old Yeller (he also appeared in its movie version).

Parker first garnered widespread notice when he was cast as Davy Crockett, King of the Frontier for Disney in 1954. This series became an immense hit, cementing Parker as an established star during its six year run on television. Parker was also regularly seen on Daniel Boone from 1964 through 1970 on network TV.

In 1960, Parker married Marcella Belle Rinehart and they later parted ways after having two children together. Parker was an avid sportsman, as well as owning his own winery in Los Olivos, California. Additionally, he belonged to both the National Rifle Association and United States Marine Corps Reserve as well as supporting Boy Scouts of America and American Cancer Society causes.

He was also an excellent cook, lending his expertise at food and wine events across California. Additionally, he wrote several cookbooks and became well-known songwriter. Later in life he became active in the Democratic Party and considered running for political office himself. Parker was an incredible family man devoted to his two children. He will always be remembered fondly and respected by millions worldwide – rest in peace Fess Parker! We love you!

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